Chief Elder Osiris : To Have Not The Desire To Be Perfect Is An Evil Unto Thyself

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    To Have Not The Desire To Be Perfect Is An Evil Unto Thyself

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    Beloved, we need to develop a more positive spirit about ourselves and stop measuring ourselves by the opinion the oppressors have about ourselves, in other word, Black people in this coming Decade need to commit to taking charge of our lives and begin to redefine who we are, based on what we are, which is a product of Divine Action.

    So you see, it is how we view ourselves, is the way we are going to conduct ourselves, and if we believe about ourselves in the way we have been told to look at ourselves, the next decade will be more devastating for and toward us than the last decade, and the many decades in the past, which represent when we stopped Thinking for ourselves and took to believing about ourselves that which caused us to developed a very low self esteem about ourselves, and such a spirit come to be of ourselves because we you no longer know thyself, beloved.

    it is not an imperfect force of Energy Intelligence that has formed and caused all things To Be and it is my knowledge level of understanding that perfection beget perfection and Evil beget Evil and since the former is a Natural action and the latter is not a natural action, then the motion of all things come from a motion of perfection and such Divine Truth alone, is enough to have all life form to be in perfect motion of living.

    Evil is not a Natural process of the Body, and Life in the Body, the body which is Divinely perfect, is meant to be lived perfectly and since the life of Darkness is in fact the epitome of Eternal Infinite Perfection, then all that come forth out of the Perfect Darkness has the potential to live perfectly in the Divine Body which life dwell in.

    So you must be able to see, those people wearing a coat pigment of Darkness, you came to this planet living a life of perfection, because out from which your Divine First Way Ancestors came, which is from both the Infinite and Finite Universe, they were the verification of a perfect motion of a body that lived a life of perfection and the people who today calling themselves Black, is the progeny of a Life that was in perfect living motion, which qualified such a people of perfection to be Divine beings living a life of perfection, which mean that all of the information that was in the possession of those Dark people was perfect, and perfection beget perfection.

    An imperfect people can not construct a perfect Civilization and when our Divine Ancestors of the First Way, came out from the Cosmo to this Solar System to be on this planet which now is referred to as Earth, they brought with them knowledge of perfection which qualified them to be able to construct a perfect Civilization upon this Planet Earth and did live a perfect life upon this Earth for Millenniums without the knowledge of Evil.

    So it truly amaze me when I hear and look at, and is qualified to see Black people making claim in defense of us not being able to live a life of perfection upon this planet, it gives me knowledge to know why it is that Afrika is as it is today and why Black people are the most race divided people on this earth today.

    But I must continue see of a Time when in fact our First way Ancestors did live a perfect life, yes it has happen before by people out of which we have come to be the evidence of their once being present upon this planet, they being our Divine Cosmic First Way Ancestors, they not being a production of Darwin Theory but of the Divine Natural progression of an action coming from such a Divine Essence of Energy Intelligence that verify our uniqueness within the Glorious Divine Space Perfect Infinite Darkness.

    You may call such Divine knowledge mythology using the sense developed by your oppressors mind which have you to believe that such information is not real if you so want to, because such a belief about your self will only verify those who believe such about ourselves to be not True when spoken of in such Divine clarity, only verifies to what extent our mental illness is among Black people.

    Yet I do know that you Black people can not bring your selves to accept the fact of your perfect potential, because you have been made to become something that you are not, which is a Human Being, which represent no more than a state of Mind, beloved.

    So it is the Human Being that has come to have you Black people believing all sort of evil things about yourselves, even to the point of level where you now speak in defence of your Mental illness, by making claim that it is impossible for that which is the Divine Essence, the Energy of Divine perfection, Nature action of Reality and no Theory, has constructed you to be that of a Perfect Being, being in motion to live a life of perfection.

    Now the Human Being is having you making claim that there is none that is perfect upon this planet world and that such a perfection never has been lived within the body life of our Divine Ancestors upon this planet Earth.

    So yes, the status of a Being Mind does in fact reveal who the Being is, and if your Mind is of imperfect quality use, then so is your Life action, meaning as a Woman / Man believe so is she / He, and as a Woman / Man Thinketh so become the Life Mental quality of the Woman / Man.

    So if your Mind is of a Divine quality then so is your life is not, and Perfection only dwell in Perfection, but if your life action is of a believing quality and in belief Evil is present, then the Mind quality is of imperfection and the life that you live will be of an imperfect quality.

    So, it is the Evil Mind of the Human Being that justify the life living of imperfection, making claim that none is perfect in the present of perfection, the God of Eternal Infinity, that which is the cause for us all being as we are To Be, which is perfect and Divine in Body, Mind, and Spirit, we being the off-sprang of such a Divine Perfect Intelligent Action.

    The Mind of the Body Divine, is what reveal your life status, and a Mind that believe and does not Think, is what cause the Body to reveal an action of life that is evil and not of the Greater Good of which a life of perfection is meant to experience.

    Life quality is based upon the quality of your Mind action and a Mind has the ability to Think or to believe its Body way through Life living, and it is the believing Mind that is of the Human Being, the Being that glorify imperfection by having you to believe that perfection is not to be experienced in the Body Life living, a reason why the Black World is in the state of a Mental Ill condition which we are in today, a condition of imperfection, because that is the way Black people today believe about our Black selves.

    So you must see beloved,To Have Not The Desire To Be Perfect Is An Evil Unto Thyself, and where evil dwell, perfection can not be, and it is imperfection that dwell in the Mind of evil belief, because it is the Thinking Mind that is an enemy to a believing Mind, because the former dwell within the domain of Divine perfection and the latter dwell within the evil believing domain of imperfection, making claim that no one should strive for perfection in life, a dimension that Life came out from, giving you the opportunity To Be.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    The Book, Divine Spirituality: Revealed Information About The Real You, it is that book that serve to be your Mind Map that will lead you back to your life perfection, beloved

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    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved

    Chief Elder
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    I think we are working in the direction of understanding the purpose to be as perfect
    as we can to the best of our knowledge , their may be yet many whom has come to
    terms with the logic realism of it.
    thankz for this post beloved brother Chief Elder Osiris