Black Poetry : To Breed A Slave

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    To take a man who refuse to lead.
    Planting the seed that he is less than a man.
    The toxin that flows through the blood
    and the capitation of leadership within self.
    The ideologies of being a man is hard to over come.
    Only by instructions he can view self.
    The deactivation comes within the family tree.
    The reverse syndromes becomes the hatred
    of his own seeds. Hating the liberties
    that he feels has been generated by the instructor,
    Who gives liberties to the spouse are the lover.
    Implanting the hatred within his own family tree,
    there would be no sense of identity,
    repression that sets the stimulation to incubate
    breaded embolisms cloned to another
    generation of slaves.

    Jealousy and hate the slaughter of Jesus
    the breath of horror, the holocaust of a
    dead mind. Who has no power other than
    him self who cannot control his own mind.
    Open target for the pimps of blackness;

    The male child which is a bandit by the father,
    The cautious denial of his own family tree.
    The issue is not color for all man feel the pain.
    The execution of family the seminary of the history
    Of the child who is rejected by the image that he represents.
    The execution of the mother who follows in the realms
    Of the setting of a dysfunctional anti social
    Monetary disk that is planted within the mind.
    The curse that’s passed on to another generation
    the walking dead, Nigg'' syndromes the words
    that gives a happy thought, education that is
    decline ignorance embraced without a thought.

    Divide and conquer lived by the servants
    Within its own circle of thought.
    Censorship survival has no response.
    Implanting death within the womb the pain
    Of the embryo that is kill through the veins
    Genocide partaken without conscious
    Instant death implanted killer of self.
    Concentration camp for the un wanted
    Children without futures are families.
    Death to the young.

    Open lynching the black man with the mask.
    Colors that are worn within territory that one
    must not cross. The trail of rebels that drive
    by through the night, killing the colors and
    the open lynching at any course.
    Revolutions sealed in a book.
    Children of the dark preach
    Beyond the back door.
    The deletion of a family culture.
    Slave blocks with women naked.
    Characters without pride.
    Honor no longer stands.
    Churches of satan tribe.
    The breeding of a dead slave,
    The living dead that breeds on.
    Of the genes.

    The cloak of a disease that has no cure.
    The assumptions of leadership without the wisdom
    of humanity to delete the proclamation of a free mind.
    The darkness that set forth another generations of destruction.

    The state of mind that continues to repeat the same
    mistakes. Breeding an cloning poisons of thoughts.
    The enforcements of memory that has
    explored each time, hating self reverse
    the light retrieves a thought.
    The mind goes into delete the thought of unity.
    Sets of an explosion the light continues to go out.
    I am greater than thee.
    within the illuminations of bonding .

    Man that lives upon the cage, the destruction of a culture,
    Who rather live within a 8/11 cell, the continuation
    of legacy that refuse to break the chains of captivity.
    The inclination of a man set that refuse to love self.
    The bomb has now explored there is no activation are
    de activations the toxins that eats at the mind
    Of a want be slave. The assumptions of the cage
    Bird that no longer sings.

    The darkness that hide behind walls consignment
    of death closed in walls .
    Harvesting the darkness of self.
    The windows are foggy cannot see the light.
    The sparrows are closing in, hidden in a box,
    find thy soul, what goes on in space?
    Justifying the wrongs for the rights.
    Toxins that filled blood, sipping on death ,
    oppressor of self, surrounding hate,
    pollutions has no fate.

    De' slave chains have crippled the mind of some of my brothers,
    Who lives by the constitution of the living dead.
    The flame of the rooted seed, without classifications, who lives in a tunnel of shame. Blackest clouds were gathered o'er my head;
    Looking upon the rising sun, the spirit
    That rise when the morning comes,
    O, I sing it till the middle of de'
    Cotton fields I prey, lord coming at
    The down sun, of de’ day
    I call'd the warriors from the mountain's steep.

    Within this caucus of a frame, shall turn to ashes and die.
    The inner surface shall never die.
    Within the legacies of my humanitarian,
    The historical fruit shall never rot.
    Nevertheless you claim victory, I shall meet you in the answering to God. Chain my mind, wrap my feet upon the anchor as I drown.
    I shall be resurrected as Jesus said my God.
    Let every man who says that God is not God
    And the black Jesus is not in charge.
    I shall meet you in the coming of de' lord
    Who will you serve when Satan goes back to hell.

    You can kill my caucus but my spirit shall never die.
    I embrace the harp of the sweet sounds of rejoice,
    I give to thee of thou most honors.
    Thy father of creations, release me oh lord of the inner spirits,
    that bound me to a hell within thy self.
    Freedom, freedom, freedom,
    I the blood of thy on hands,
    Of resurrection that my spirit be free.

    I shall not want I shall pass over and return.
    I your child thy God, have shared life labor,
    As every man of the world,
    The jungle the beast, the pain of no disgrace,
    The horror of bondage I give to thee,

    The eyes of the almighty,
    has breathed upon my trust.
    The deep breathes from the immensity of the heavens,
    dreams within the bleeding palms of humanities.
    Reactions of a divine soul.
    My spirit shall not die.

    The battle within the realms of religion , submerging ego’s prophesying knowledge, No concept of self, spirituality represents the symbols of God. Man masquerading as holy , false prophets, thank you Jesus devils, pull pit whores, who is right an who is wrong? Spirituality sacred places, every person missions, neglecting family tradition. Recycling the toxins of the universe, resurrection, balancing the minds of creations. optimistic expressions who is holy, an does man really no himself? Slave masters syndromes, prophesying a word, that God did not create. The battle ground for wars, man without love for his brother, poor wise man, who has no respect for his foundation are self. Profits of religion, psychological revolution, genocide to ones only family turf; proposed roads of freedom, stain windows, the call of the wind, captivity looking at each other, through the slave masters eyes; Stolen souls the living dead; zombies that pass on there seeds spirits in bondage, black power cry, without the respect of man an self pride, battle among the symbols of creations, where is black pride? The jungle of abnormality , fortunes of no inheritances, grains of dignity without growth; Battles of the walking dead; sister hating, brother hating, Confusion all in the name of God; Beware of the wolf that comes in sheep clothing, God said wisdom not science; Shepard’s masquerading as holy, leading there flocks to hell.

    Noumi Collectives
    All rights reserved @ 2005[/CENTER]
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    And the sad part is..they come in sheeps clothing in all sizes, shapes and colors...smh
    But we will never die...never
    Awesome piece poet, thanks for always sharing wisdom
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    OUTSTANDING...............mad props sis
    so on point and real one will drap but yet one will rise
    u hit some key realism here .......flow head Ashanta
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    It's as though there are some who are bred to know how to breed a slave, but that is the devil's work. Such an intensely written piece poetess, do flow on with the knowledge.

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    Brooklyn N. Y.
    Thank you brotha's and sisters