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    The Bicentennial Global dialogue ( has begun, and this is the first of a series of emails that will hopefully stimulate thought and ensure that The Bicentennial Global Dialogue does not become a camouflage and a band-aid for the festering sore of the ongoing Black Maafa.
    Careful students of history understand that the Trans-Atlantic slave trade and chattel slavery represented CHAPTER ONE of an ongoing drama on the stage of PROTRACTED GENOCIDE.

    This is an excerpt from an article posted on

    It aptly describes this stage of the Maafa where black slave descendants, having been stripped of their land, are now CONCRETE NOMADS, chained in debt, and blindly singing patriotic national anthems about lands that are not their own.

    To know what is socialism is to know what is capitalism
    July 2nd, 2007

    Published on Sunday, July 01, 2007 by

    By Franz J. T. Lee

    It is imperative to know what is this system in which so many millions live, toil and die like flies. For a worker, it could be so easy to sense, experience and understand what is capitalist reality; however, as a result of centuries of a psychological bombardment of formal logics, of merciless mind and thought control, of big lies, ideological indoctrination and religious manipulation very few of us are still able, can dialectically really negate this apocalyptic world order consequently and categorically.

    What could any worker in any factory or industry in Venezuela observe or experience daily?

    First, to survive he needs money, an exchange value, a commodity to sell; without money he and his family would eventually perish in utter misery and dire poverty. Long ago, at least his ancestors still had lands, some cattle or pigs, even forests and rivers, communal means of social production. Now he has nothing, only his skinny bones, meager face and ailing muscles, that is, his physical labor force. (the African's condition globally)

    In the “Third World,†in Venezuela, this is his product, his merchandise, his bodily energy which is landing on the labor market to be bought, to be exchanged for money and later for basic life necessities. As such he is being exploited economically, he earns a pittance, a minimum salary. This just about reproduces his labor power for tomorrow, it enables him to keep the bodies and souls of his pauperized family together. (trodding on the winepress and working for the next day) We should not forget that this is the electoral basis, the heart-beat of the Bolivarian revolution.

    The worker notices that his boss is getting richer and richer every day and that he himself is getting poorer by the minute. Also he realizes that the fact of being a boss, of having factories, which employ thousands of workers and of paying meager salaries to his wage-slaves, are the concrete generators of the skyrocketing accumulation of perverse wealth, social privileges and political power of his master. The worker makes his calculations and discovers that he is being robbed, that industrial labor is robbery, that the bosses are vampires that live on blood-sucking of their exploited workers.



    Ras Jahaziel
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    "We are like wandering sheep. All these people out here just want somewhere to live. We are poor people and we build these houses from meeting turns and from trusting the material from the coolie man," she claimed” (see:

    The above excerpt from an article titled “28 DAYS TO GO” appearing in the Barbados Nation Newspaper of 7/13/07 is an example of what was referred to before as “CONCRETE NOMADS.” This is the festering wound, the universal landless-ness, the powerlessness, the ignorance, the unattended sore that still plagues those that inherited the legacy of The Trans-Atlantic slave trade and chattel slavery. This is the widespread situation throughout the islands of the Caribbean and the Americas where Emancipation did not restore lands to those that had been robbed of their labor and their lands. It only modernized their situation on the same plantation, in the same system of exploitation.

    And the ignorance too has to be addressed, because the same leaders that form Pan African Commissions encourage the landless people to sing national anthems that say “THESE FIELDS AND HILLS BEYOND RECALL ARE NOW OUR VERY OWN.” And they encourage the people to glory in their wage-bondage by holding “King and Queen of the crop” competitions where wage-slaves compete to see who can cut the most cane for the Lord of the plantation.

    The first thing that a Global Dialogue on slavery and racism must seriously address is THE CULTIVATED IGNORANCE that has been deliberately manufactured to keeps the chains of bondage intact. The economically disenfranchised are hoping that our Universitied-ones will demonstrate by a keen grasp of the issues of reparations and repatriation, that they have graduated beyond their intellectual adolescence, and that they have the integrity to do what is right and not what will secure them a salaried position on the plantation.

    The eyes of truth are watching you, and it is going to be a tough recompense for those that use their education to shortchange this movement for Black reparations.

    Ras Jahaziel


    28 DAYS TO GO
    Published on: 7/18/07.

    by Maria Bradshaw

    ABOUT 60 people squatting on land at Oldbury, St Philip,

    have been given 28 days by the Town and Country Planning Department to dismantle their illegally-built houses.

    But the residents – most of them poor and unemployed – say they have nowhere to go.

    Quit notices are stuck on many of the plywood houses.

    Several of the residents who spoke to the midweek NATION said they erected houses on the land, which was previously used as a dump, after word spread that there was "squatters land" in St Philip.

    Among them is 26-year-old Angeline Skeete, pregnant with her fifth child, who only four months ago built a one-bedroom house replacing one lost to fire in 2005.

    Skeete said she was forced to rebuild the tiny shelter on the spot she had occupied for four years because she could no longer pay rent.

    "I am still waiting on NHC but I had to get a place for my children. I had to start over from scratch," she stated.

    "We had to vacate the house we were renting and my boyfriend build this house and pay to have the road done," she said pointing to a gravel pathway.

    Her mother-in-law, who did not want to give her name, recalled that she was one of the first people to build a house in her section of the former dump four years ago.

    The mother of nine said she chose a vacant spot where she and her family could be by themselves but, before she knew it, houses started to go up all around her.

    "It was only me and two other people. But after the area used to flood so bad one man left. But quick so every morning I would get up and see houses going up and people clearing away the land. Some of these people come from all the way in St Lucy because I born and bred in St Philip and I don't know them".

    The woman said she would not be able to find another spot and she suggested that some arrangement could have been made for the squatters.

    "Instead of coming and sticking notices on our houses they should meet with us and arrange for us to pay something towards the land because land hard to find. I want to know why now, after all these houses gone up and people spend so much money that they would come and give us notices.

    "We are like wandering sheep. All these people out here just want somewhere to live. We are poor people and we build these houses from meeting turns and from trusting the material from the coolie man," she claimed.

    A 26-year-old Guyanese national, who built his house two months ago for him and his family, said he moved onto the land after hearing several people talking about it.

    "I hear people talk about it on the buses and saying that it was squatters land. I build this house here because as a non-national living in Barbados the rent was carrying away all of my money."

    The man explained that he was not an illegal immigrant and had been living here for 11 years.

    The quit notices list the owner of the land as Paragon Holdings Ltd.
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    The Bicentennial Global Dialogue is being hosted by “LITTLE ENGLAND” ( Barbados ), the Slave Colony that was historically known as THE MODEL SLAVE SOCIETY. What a perfect place to search for the obscene contradictions that reveal the cruel injustice of 1834’s emancipation act. (clause7: Compensation in the form of a free gift of 20 million English pounds should be paid TO THE SLAVE-OWNERS for the loss of their slaves.) Also, what a place to search for THE CULTURE OF DUMB DOWN that has historically been used by slave-holders to preserve THE PERFECT MODEL OF SLAVE-CONTROL.

    According to the Global Dialogue’s website:

    “The overall purpose of the Bridgetown conference is to re-visit the triangular trade of the slave era so as to make another significant step towards bringing closure to the lingering legacy of racism and underdevelopment across the Pan-African world”


    No conference on racism and the legacy of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade can lay any claim to legitimacy and integrity if it does not address the psychological reasons why the majority of Black slave descendants do not frame their discontent within the broader context of African liberation and Pan-African-ism. If this conference is being approached with integrity, this is the perfect place and time to address The Culture of Dumb Down otherwise known as The Culture of Deliberately Cultivated Ignorance that has always been used by the owners of the plantation to preserve the master/slave relationships of the slavery system. See Frederick Douglas’s description and analysis of this deliberately cultivated stupor at the bottom of this article.

    This cultural misdirection of the people who are being robbed causes them to vacate their historical obligations while getting drunk and celebrating the robbery as they are doing today in their carnival activities. At the same time it also prevents them from focusing intelligently on their liberation at a time when Blacks all over the world are being squeezed out of existence. Any genuine effort to achieve the stated goals of the conference must focus on unlocking the people’s genius by eradicating mental slavery. If no effort is being made to free the minds of the people we will know that THIS CONFERENCE IS ANOTHER SLAVE-MASTER SCHEME designed to throw trinkets at the slave and depressurize the voice of reparations.


    Here at this conference too must be examined the results of THE EMANCIPATION ARRANGEMENT that compensated slave owners and perpetuated control of the slave by keeping him totally landless, totally insecure, totally dependent, and totally vulnerable to the actions of those who inherited the power of the slave master. This dependency, this insecurity, and this vulnerability must be addressed seriously, because it represents the unseen presence of the slave-master’s ghost keeping the slave-order very much alive.

    For hundreds of years, the majority Black population of THE PERFECT SLAVE COLONY has had to be constantly looking over their backs in fear and timidity just because the slave-master’s decisions can prove fatal in your life if you are a Black slave descendant. He owns the land you live on, he owns the food you eat, and he owns your job. This condition of landlessness and total vulnerability was devised to keep Blacks constantly bowing in submission, and it will eventually evolve a hump-backed species.

    Therefore the obscene disparities and the contradictions that have resulted from the crooked emancipation arrangement of 1834 must now be examined. The contradictions of the slave-order are so omnipresent that even on the Global Dialogue’s web-site, the page that describes accommodation is headed “LUXURY”. Who owns the luxury listed there on that web page? Not the masses of “emancipated” slaves.

    Every day in Barbados ’ main newspaper, the centuries-old band-aid is proving inadequate in its task of hiding the ugly contradictions and the stinking sore that EMANCIPATION never addressed.

    Now let us read another article appearing in The Nation Newspaper of Friday, July 20, 2007 that illustrates the victimization of the slave descendent whose lot falls on the other side of the luxury. Take a look at the hard-workers, the descendants of those who cleared the forests and made the land habitable. Take a look at today’s CONCRETE NOMADS.

    “THERE IS NO ELECTRICITY. There is no running water. But several Barbadians have settled down comfortably to live as squatters.

    These informal settlements are dotted across Barbados , but mainly in densely populated St Michael.

    One of the newest such settlements is in Howells Cross Road, The Ivy, St Michael, where residents have cleared away trees, built a marl road and small timber houses. There are about seven completed structures and five being built.

    The majority of occupants are related or come from the area. Recently a woman from St George who attempted to move in was not allowed to by the residents, who told her the land was for people from the Ivy only.

    Officials from the Town and Country Planning Department said they were aware of this settlement and were in the process of carrying out investigations.

    But this is an extension of an old squatters community, located at the back of Blenheim pasture.

    There are still squatters in Station Hill and the Belle Gully in St Michael – both of which are in Zone 1 water catchment areas. Many also reside in Six Men's, St Peter.

    Served notices

    Earlier this week when the Town and Country Planning Department moved into Rock Hall, St Philip and served enforcement notices on 34 squatters, it was its second attempt in seven years to curb illegal land occupation.

    Back in 2000 similar notices were served on 24 households, but they are still living there. Some indicated they never heard from the department again after the notices were served.

    But this current phase of illegal development is expanding rapidly as word is spreading throughout the island about the "availability" of vast plots of land.

    And while there is no uniformity as to where the houses are built, some residents have put in their own road network with the use of marl.

    One woman told the WEEKEND NATION she had no choice but to build a house in the area for her family.

    "I was desperate. Some people are saying that we are wrong and that we just took up someone's land. I know it is true, but I have been searching for years for somewhere to live. I cannot afford to buy land at the prices that it is being sold at now. I heard about this land and went on the Internet and searched to make sure that it was environmentally safe and then I built a small house there for me and my children," she said.

    She added she was now saving money to buy a utility pole so she could get electricity.

    Another woman said she had to make a choice between paying rent and sending her four children to school.

    "I could not afford to continue paying rent and sending my children to school. Two of my children are in college and one is at the university. I had to build this house here in order that they could get an education," she said as she pointed to a small wooden house showing signs of deterioration.

    Some of these residents alleged they were told by politicians to go ahead and build their houses on the land. They are now praying they would not have to pack up and leave anytime soon because they have nowhere to go.”

    Another look at the Global Dialogue’s web site:

    “Prime Minister of Barbados, The Rt. Hon. Owen Arthur, established in 1998 and 1999, respectively, a Commission for Pan-African Affairs (CPAA) and a Committee for National Reconciliation in the island. In so doing he began the process of officially redressing the historical injustices of the past, thus preparing the way for healing between African and European descendants in the society, and the creation of a more just and cohesive Barbados.”

    All of the above high-sounding ambitions will prove to be the shallow blowing of wind if there is no attempt to emancipate the minds of the people instead of giving life to THE CULTURE OF CULTIVATED IGNORANCE otherwise known as Crop-over, Carnival, etc where Black consciousness is drowned in a bottle of rum, and frustrations worked off with the gyration of the waist. None of the landless Blacks ever had a crop. They have always been the suppliers of slave labor, so they are in fact dancing and celebrating the slave-holder’s enrichment. Under the influence of deliberately cultivated ignorance they celebrate their own loss and the slave master’s gain.

    See what Frederick Douglas said about the slave-masters policy for maintaining control of Black people.

    “From what I know of the effect of these holidays upon the slave, I believe them to be among the most effective means in the hands of the slaveholder in keeping down the spirit of insurrection. Were the slaveholders at once to abandon this practice, I have not the slightest doubt it would lead to an immediate insurrection among the slaves. These holidays serve as conductors, or safety-valves, to carry off the rebellious spirit of enslaved humanity. But for these, the slave would be forced up to the wildest desperation; and woe betide the slaveholder, the day he ventures to remove or hinder the operation of those conductors! I warn him that, in such an event, a spirit will go forth in their midst, more to be dreaded than the most appalling earthquake.

    The holidays are part and parcel of the gross fraud, wrong, and inhumanity of slavery. They are professedly a custom established by the benevolence of the slaveholders; but I undertake to say, it is the result of selfishness, and one of the grossest frauds committed upon the down-trodden slave. They do not give the slaves this time because they would not like to have their work during its continuance, but because they know it would be unsafe to deprive them of it. This will be seen by the fact that the slaveholders like to have their slaves spend those days just in such a manner as to make them as glad of their ending as of their beginning. Their object seems to be, to disgust their slaves with freedom, by plunging them into the lowest depths of dissipation. For instance, the slaveholders not only like to see the slave drink of his own accord, but will adopt various plans to make him drunk. One plan is, to make bets on their slaves, as to who can drink the most whisky without getting drunk; and in this way they succeed in getting whole multitudes to drink to excess. Thus, when the slave asks for virtuous freedom, the cunning slaveholder, knowing his ignorance, cheats him with a dose of vicious dissipation, artfully labeled with the name of liberty. The most of us used to drink it down, and the result was just what might be supposed; many of us were led to think that there was little to choose between liberty and slavery. We felt, and very properly too, that we had almost as well be slaves to man as to rum. So, when the holidays ended, we staggered up from the filth of our wallowing, took a long breath, and marched to the field,--feeling, upon the whole, rather glad to go, from what our master had deceived us into a belief was freedom, back to the arms of slavery. I have said that this mode of treatment is a part of the whole system of fraud and inhumanity of slavery.

    (Taken from “Narrative of the life of Frederick Douglass, An American Slave,” Chapter X)

    “Closure to the lingering legacy of racism and underdevelopment across the Pan-African world” cannot be achieved by throwing trinkets at the discontented. It can only be accomplished by unleashing the bottled-up genius of the people, and that will not be achieved while maintaining THE CULTURE OF CULTIVATED IGNORANCE and the system of DUMB DOWN.


    Ras Jahaziel