Black Poetry : To believe or not is the quest

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    Basic reaction when someone asked,"Will you hire your kin?"
    Answer is what history tells us instantaneously,"NO,NO,NO,HELL NAW!"

    How many times
    Are we as a people
    Gonna keep being tasted like a lime?
    To trust someone's feeble
    Sayings you won't like it plain
    Someone also said the tartness won't last
    But still and yet
    We advise our people of what was said last
    But the truth has not been honestly tried & tested
    Without the lime
    If we can't get it together instead of separate.
    Other's still will be sweet
    While each side of the lime goes wasted
    Cause of our belief.
    Feasting on others words
    Instead of correcting our own.
    With the challenge of splitting our own
    Instead of serving a full cup to your people during your happy rouh.
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