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    By Chief Elder Osiris

    This is not about the Afrikan, now days anybody can make claim to be an Afrikan, this is more definite, this is about Black People, a people when referred to by the original shade of their pigment, they can not be made To be confuse about whom you are speaking of, and in this instance, I am speaking about Black People, you know, those people who have been made to represent the symbol of Evil, Bad Luck,Clandestine Evil Forces, they being Black People with a glorious Past and a Humiliating Presence and a Mixture of life condition in between.

    So allow me to deal with the both extreme, our Black Life Past and its present condition when dealing with the Black Life condition on this planet Earth, when dealing with the Black Life extreme Past, you must be able to journey back to the coming of Life being on this planet, when it was not a task just to remain free or to enjoy peace, justice, and independence and to be able to Think beyond the box of Evil, which is an action of Lies and Deception in order to gain an advantage over others considered to be a lesser Being in compairson to those labeling themselves to be God special children and they did so, simple because they have been able to prosper from the action of Evil and yes, you can prosper by doing " Evil, Wrong, being Bad", terms created by those that prosper from such an action of behavior toward other Beings, mainly Black People.

    I do not Think it is up for discussion in term of disagreement, that black People at the arrival to this Planet Earth, they came with a deeper insight and knowledge about GOD, Universe, and their Black Selves, they have left factual physical evidence that display the level of their intelligence, so when it come to Black People, it is no pretending when it is referred of them as being the Divine True Children of the gods, coming from a certain location in the Physical Universe and the way they revealed themselves on this planet Earth, it most certainly give them the Divine Right to indicate of themselves as being the Children of The Divine Essence, ( GOD ) with the proof being the Coat they were wearing, a coat that none other that now occupy this Planet earth can make claim to be, as they do by claiming to be Afrikans, a claim as I have said, any and everybody on this Planet can make claim to, and now is doing so

    The Blackness of the Divine Being can and must not be compromised, yet the brand new Afrikan has no problem in sharing their made-up identity, an identity anybody can make claim to, in order to indicate a connection to the Black Divine Beings, now turned Afrikan Human Being, and it is the Brand New Afrikan Human Being that despise the serious Black Divine Beings, those that will not compromise their Blackness, because the First Way Ancestors are causing an enlightenment to come back to the Black Divine Beings, giving an ability to be aware of whom they really are, a sign of compliance to the Ancient Black Divine Being Instruction for Black People to get to Know whom we are again.

    The most Serious Entity of Divine Truth and Reality in being a Direct attribute of the Eternal Infinite Essence, happen to be the Perfect Night, that which is the Shadow of that Divine Essence, which we refer to as Blackness and Darkness of a Carbon Extreme, so when Black People are Living Actively within the confine of their Divine True and Real Identity, they are Serious Black people, taking nothing that is secondary to their Divine Reality to be Divinely True, which is being Black and serious, and when there is no compromising your Blackness, then you are given the revelation about all that is possible to See as well as to be Looked at, and with such a Divine Ability , the lesser in Living the Black Life is unacceptable, causing the Black Divine Being to be able to seriously share the Divine Truth about what is required of Black People, in order for them to ascend back to their original condition, position, and the status once held by them on this Planet and for Black People to rise to such a level again, mean that their Blackness is not to be compromise and Seriousness will be the path to travel, in order to be able to experience a Divine way of Living again.

    Only the Brand New Afrikan is affected by the Human being tactics in getting the Afrikan Human Being not to entertain the Thought of becoming Black again and they do so by making all sorts of irrelevant statements that is suppose to compromise our Divine Blackness, such as all Human Beings Blood is Red, all of our Root take us back to Afrika and that Miss Lucy is all of our Mother, such deceiving claims are readily accepted by the Brand New Afrikan human Being, Why? because the Brand New Afrikan Human Being has been conditioned not to Think any more, just Believe all that is told to the Afrikan human Being about GOD, Universe, and Life Self, done so by the Human Being. they being White Folks and all who now haveacquired White folks identity, mainbly Mentally.

    All Anthropomorphous Beings of all sorts, whose Body ingredients is that of the Elements and is of a certain level with ability to reason, act, and react distinctively as well , I will venture to say that they to bleed Red Blood as such is really not difficult for any animal to do, and to be of such a Same ingredient, will reveal a common Genetic root and that root being the Divine essence, but after that, the branches take their own independent path, such as the Oak Tree be different in style, appearence and behavior from the Palm tree, but they both are Trees with a common gene that cause all trees to be trees but are of different family members, but has the same root gene that cause it to be a Tree but not what kind of aTree, it take a special and different gene to develop a Unique phenotype of a Being.

    The Divine Black Being is not affected by such acts of deception that the Human Beings invoke in order to get Black People to become Afrikan Human Beings and to embrace the saying that we are all the Same, to believe such will prevent Black people from being Serious People and when there is no seriousness coming from black People, then the present mental condition we now labor under as Afrikans will assure the present condition of the Afrikan and will increase, leading to the death of the Black Divine Beings, Afrikin or not.

    So that is why, when serious Black people appear on the scene in the Life of Black people and those Black People See things as they really are and not as the Afrikan has been conditioned to believe things to be what they are looking at, such is what cause Black people not to be popular among the Brand New Afrikan human Beings, those that now despise the Divine Truth about that which is killing Black so call Afrikan People today and have no desire to gointo serious action to change the Black Life condition today.

    The Afrikan has been Lulled into a Sleep by the Human Beings, therefore anything shown about the Human Beings that reveal whom they really are and the Evil that roll through the Mind of the Human Beings about Black People, it is the Brand New Afrikan that Run fast to the Human Being Rescue, over looking the fact that those same Human Beings, carry a History of Abusing and Slaughtering Black People, both Physically and Mentally

    It is the Afrikan Human Being that will never become Free again, because the Afrikan has been made to despise Freedom and being Independent, because the Brand New Afrikans have been made to be dependent upon the Human Beings, because it is the Human Beings that promise the Brand New Afrikans a Home in Heaven with Jesus, such is now the driving motivating force that drive the Brand New Afrikan Human Beings to become depended and submissive to the Oppressing Caucasian, Jewish, and Arabic Human Being, those that are in possession of their Weapon of Mass Destruction, used against the Brand New Afrikan Human Beings, the weapon of Mass Destruction being Religion, as practiced by the Brand new Afrikan Human Being today.

    Did I not inform you that only Black Divine Beings are serious in sharing the Divine Truth with you and by sharing such information about that devilish Human Being, which the Brand New Afrikans have become, such action by Black people sharing the Divine truth, do not present that type of action that is popular among the Brand New Afrikan Human Beings, they who now act and behave as the Oppressors Human Beings, they have a history of abusing Black People and now so does the Brand New Afrikan Human Beings, taking pride in their Afrikans Human Being act of slaughtering Black so call Afrikans in Afrika and the United state, doing so physically and Mentally, they are those who are not ashame of their action against themselves, meaning black People.

    Observe the attitude and behavior of the Brand New Afrikans today toward each other, such a Mind is not the Divine Mind that was once in the Black Divine Beings possession and the sad part about the Afrikan Human Being is that they have no desire to reclaim the Divine Mind of their Ancient cosmic Divine Black Ancestors, whom have been long forgotten by the Afrikan.

    Woe is unto the Brand New Afrikan that Abuse and Spite the Black Divine Beings, those in search of their Divine Mind, sharing that which the Divine Black Ancestors are now giving to be Shared with the Long Lost Black Divine Nation.

    Here Is Loving you

    Chief elder
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