Black Poetry : To Be In Your Dreams

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    I have not come to know you...but wish to…
    You have been ever present within my thoughts
    You are seer peering into my soul…
    Though never letting me know…
    Who it is that you are…
    Do you think…of me…for me…because of me…
    Do I ever enter your nocturnal imagery's???

    Would that I could transform myself from physical
    Into that final thought that becomes your dream
    Becoming thorn covered African purple violet vining at your feet
    Meta-morphing petals into deeply scented juniper trees
    Raising you upon my branches and scent…above the heavens
    Till my seeds spontaneously combust
    into mushroom clouds dispersing upon the throngs of the earth
    The rebirth of the beauty of the soul…
    These things you come to know…
    As me…

    Would that I could be the ocean skipping stone
    That ripples the rose petaled swamp
    Rippling humanity and time
    So that your eyes open…
    That you may truly see…
    Look upon the beauty of my soul
    Not upon my missing teeth
    Or overweight frame
    Or flawed flesh
    Look upon my spirit the spirit that wishes to be the ever shining star
    Of your dreams…

    For in your dreams I am all that you wish of me…
    I could be Don Quixote riding giant seahorses in the oceans of life
    I could be Casanova settling down to love just one wife…
    Maybe I'd be a porpoise to swim you to the shores of purpose
    The purpose would be you would finally come to know my essence

    Would that I could
    Would that I could
    I'd dance on moonbeams that infiltrate bedroom dreams
    Just to know that you think of me
    To be in your dreams
    Oh, to be in your dreams….
    See you…in your dreams

    Nahshon-Rae 7-19-2003
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    A beautiful expression of longing... familiar to me. Good, personal poem.