Black Poetry : To be continued (The Quest for the Penia Papers and The Vagina Chronicles)


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Mar 19, 2001
As I proceeded...

I came upon this tall phallic
shaped object, it reminded me of
the Washington Monument (Hmmm...)
It went straight through the clouds
the bodies of the sky of Venus
slid up and down this obelisk
then I felt the ground shake
and the object spewed from it's tip
a substance that coated the sky white
and the bodies Ahhhhed! with outstretched
arms as far as my eye could see there
were millions of souls hovering above
to be relieved (Note: Images do moan)

I would have stood there in adornment
because this event it reminded me of something
I hold so dear but, remember I was
naked and on a mission to find
"the scribes of Dr. Heartbeat Penis
and Dr. Vagina Hunter"

Just beyond the obelisk about 200 feet
I saw something peeking from behind a bush...
I walked closer and I noticed that this
was not your average bush but the endangered
species "Vaginus Maximus" I clipped a portion
of the hair and placed it in a vile for
further examination upon my return
to my lab. Behind the bush, peeking at
me was not "something" but "someone"

I asked do you speak "english?" (then I thought
with my "aware" side "do Americans speak "english?"
the kind of "english" spoke in England? Hmmmm...
anyway different discussion) so I restated my question
and asked "do you understand me?"
this person I'm not sure if it was male
or female looked at me odd and smiled
I thought with my ghetto side "what the F***
is he/she staring at" then I thought
I am in his/her land "butt *** naked" asking questions
so I stopped tripping and told him about
my search for the sex scribes
he/she didn't say a word ,but had a puzzled,
then awed look on his/her face and pointed North

I thanked him/her and walked North

a mile into my travel
hungry and tired and......naked
I came to the edge of what appeared
to be Utopia...My attention heightened
because there were pheromone plants
emitting a gas that made the grass stand
up and caress my feet
it felt as if I was walking on air
and I had recurring visions of naked women
feeding me grapes while laying
under the touch of a cool chamomile mist
I got to the mouth of a cave...
it was dark and smelled of sex
in the making so I...of course I
continued...following my sex drive I
walked blindly. I hesitated then thought even
while in love you sometimes walk blindly
so with inhibitions stripped I pushed forth

there was an aroma of love lost and
wasted tears it was not quite what I had
expected this overloading of my nasal sensory
had me fearful of what was to come
I stopped waiting for a sign to tell
me what step to take next
fifteen minutes past then I heard
whimpering and a shuffling in the
distance I reached out to touch the
walls to guide me to what may be the
reason for my journey

the sound became clearer, nearer and I
saw a glow and there they were

the Penis Papers and the Vagina Chronicles
making love and connecting their "verb-osomes"
creating a manu/she-u/script that
would tell all lovers what
real love is...

I stood there wondering does something this
beautiful need to be locked up and claimed
as my "discovery" cause real love is
unique to all of us and the birthchild
of The Papers and The Chronicles will
look differently to all people, thus, my
"discovery" only has value in the minds of the
individual and we will cherish them in our
own box asking for others to come over
and bring their love and do what the scribes

after this pondering I turn and retrace steps
until I reach my lab again knowing "I, Blakverb
Sexual Anthropologist am the only man or woman
to have found the Penis Papers and The Vagina

(c)2001 blakverb
Take a bow...

Blak man ~ you done did it again!
But, again you bring it tyght - per usual,
and this is fascinating to read ~
tryin' to understand how you come
to your conclusions for your breadth
of imagery in your proses ~

You tell such wonderful stories!
This one is a definite 'print out'!! :lol:


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