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Apr 3, 2001
A special message for my "Sisterfriends" below. Why? Because you are all the Queens of Vulva and you wear the purple robe of royalty well. This kingdom is your legacy. Don't ever forget it. In this age we live in, where it is politically correct to be a heterosexual, I am not afraid to admit that I do love the richest, blackest, flavour of men. Yet, I love my sisters even more because within my sisterfriends I see myself and I cannot love a man without first making love to myself. Writing the Vagina Chronicles has taught me that and so much more. I stumbled across this poem in my own personal archives and decided to revisit it and share it with all of you. Take a walk with me sisterfriends. Let's hold hands and sew a journey with...



I went
For a long walk
With you today

Thought about
Your sisters
Your mother
And your woman friends

Thought about
The ghosts
Of women
that came before you

Your gender
Your nation
Your self

It has taken
A long time
To find your road

This road
That begins
With womanhood
And ends with

Now that
I have found you
I will not stray
From your path

I am guided
By others like you
Who have helped
To shape my life

I hear
Their tales of
In my ears

I feel God's love
Showering us with joy

So I walk

On the footprints
Of those
Who have walked
Before me

And I forge
New paths
For those who
Will follow

On the journey

In search of God

The spirituality
Of gender
The religion of

The peace
That stems from
That we are
All connected

Through woman thread

With it
We sew
A common quilt

Which enfolds us
Loves us
And keeps our
She-ness warm


I will always
Love you
And when I take
Long walks

I think about you...


My dear sistah Hunter~

You say this with such eloquence. I am humbled by your words of wisdom and love...

TRANQUILITY is becoming of ME, at peace
within my sea of sisterdom;
and so I swim
farther than that
body of water,
deeper than the
ocean's floor ~
and knowing
all the while that I
am with my sistas
who have acted as
my floatation device
at times when
I was too tired to
swim... I can submerge
myself into the
depths of the
sea of sisterdom ~freely
acting as a
floatation device
for yet another
sista who at
some point
maybe --unable
to swim ...safely
...just like me...

Thank you sistafriend...I couldn't have said this better myself. Your words are truly felt...

Much :heart: & respect!


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