Black Poetry : To all my brothas' who love thick sistas'...

black_soul said:
to nevar

its just something about your flow that i could just read for days
talking about so many things in so many ways
i just sit back and wait for nevar to speak
cause as soon as shes done i'm clapping standing on my feet

great poem as always can't wait to read more.

That is true
I think my flow gets sicker when baby is thicker
Im into a meal so she has to be a snicker
I might have to Bic her and tounge flick her
I have a lick-her license
so I might just lick her
There it gies again im feeling sicker n sicker
I want a full sized chick so I can stick her stick her
the thicker the berry
The wetter the cherry
Im a broad back man so the thickness I can carry
So when Im feeling this sickness for my fix of the thickness
U can look back at this and let this be my witness. :kiss1:
to caramelpython

let someone be the witness
as you taste the thickness

of my milkshake
love so good cause the bed to vibrate like an earthquake

been known to move the bed to the corner
faster and precise than Jackie Kersee Joyner

baby i got the skills
to give you some sensual thrills
so lets chill

as you move in deep
had to put to sleep

the Caramelphython!!!!!!!!!!!!!:kiss1:


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