Black Poetry : To all my brothas' who love thick sistas'...


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Jun 19, 2005
I'm a Georgia Peach!!!!
working to own my plus size empire.....
To all my fine brothas'
being with thick girlz is what you discover

that with us will be pure please and delight
to be your fantasy or give some true excitement

when you come home your my king
trippin off the way this thick sista bring

the joy and happiness everytime you smile
to have our names etched upon the tiles

we left behind when our hearts beats as one
holding, touching, loving until the morning sun

wont be hard to cook all your favorite meals
wont be hard to give my sexy man his thrills

cause you know ooo baby how to make my love come down
(listening to the sounds of Marvin Gaye)
as i make the joyful sounds

off how my man appreciate all my curvy features
baby i want to let you know i'm so glad to have met cha
cause nobody baby can measure

cause you baby is all what i need
wanting to have your seed

cause with you i could neva replace (you)
to trace my fingers upon your face
as i embrace

how you feeling me
wanting me
needing me
fulfilling me
caressing me

because you love me
Nevar your thick sista

the next episode will continue....:smooch:
To all my thick sistas
Im feeling for real
I know the difference think and fat
Some people dont
I really cant knock em for that
I mean I like thick like Trina fa sho
The features manipulate my mind ya know
If the body fit descript
Thats all I need
I be calling your darn house
Have you waiting for me
Passion and love im gone turn that a-- out
Thick like Molasses-Honey Dew
Ripe for the picking
Tantrum is the one for you
When you ready for a real man
Im in the Windy City Boo

Much Love Poet Nevar!!
to tantrum....

To my Trantrum yes my body is what you describe
seeing how i like the way you vibe

to my every beat
seeing you got the moves to sweep me off my feet

see Trina may be the baddest *****
but like Will Smith I yell Switch

because this thick chick has those Ebony Eyez
best to believe me sweety I got the drive

the drive to move ya, groove ya
to this crunkilcious beat
have you two stepping moving your feet

when this Ga girl comes your way
Like Pastor Troy ain't no play in Ga

cause when i ride I ride slow
got your mind right off this poetic dro

get a contact off the way i spitting these wordz
liking the way i put it down with my nouns and verbs

this girl got some serious curves
make you lose your nerves

off this Slick, Sick,Thick sista....
Curves loose the nerve
When penetration is unheard
Temidation from my bird
Got you on the coach
Hold on tight
Brass yourself long stroke
Pace yourself here we go
Thick like butter milk pancakes is what I need
Eat you for breakfast
Till its time to leave
Suck on your assests
Now you feeling me
Switch aint nothing
Im Ying Yang wait till to you see my yup
I push a big yup
More inches to make darn heart rush
Im that satisfer
When you need that
Thick cornbread I need that
Let you know im the one fa sho
Chitown im just letting you know
Nevar give it up
You can have me
Yeah you know
How it goes!!
Chi-town be like Kem when love calls
the penetration i feel deep within my walls

when it comes to the way i move
my subject, my prey it is you I chose

to give you this pleasure
since you say you measure

up to what i need to feel
i quess your saying your the real deal

boy is that chico stick so tasty
playing these love licks having you chase me

from the bedroom, to the floor
me scratching your back for more

as you put it on me
this girl wont be saying What have you done for me Lately

Do I eva cross your mind
let this remix of our be on rewind

as you give me this distant d
i think you know what makes me tick
got this thang on lock, so vicious
cause i'm tantalizing, neva sizing
up whether your my true match
just want to let you know Chi-town lover
this Ga Peach got your back

when noone wants to show you love
wont have my shoulder shrug

when they ask who with this cat name Tantrum.........


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