Black Poetry : title still in question

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    This here piece is for all the guys out there who are frontin' tryna be hard cause they think its the "in" think to do. PLEASE! Just be yourself!

    *Title Still in Question*-piece subject to some changes.

    You can put down your guard, stop acting hard
    ‘Cause that **** don’t phase me a bit
    Your image is so hardcore
    But when I look into your eyes I can see so much more
    I can see the little boy lost inside the man
    Who is trying, but yet somehow unable to stand
    I can see all the things that you’re trying to hide
    I can see the remnants of your broken pride
    I’m no puzzle master, but I’d try to fix it for you
    That is one of the many things I am willing to do
    If you would just let me
    There are so many things that I want to teach you
    So many ways that I am trying to reach you
    But every time I hold out my hand
    You push it away, afraid you’ll look less like a man
    If you pull up your pants and tighten the belt on your waist
    But I am trying to convince you that this is not the case
    Although you try to hide it, I can see the pain on your face
    You don’t have to keep pretending you are comfortable in this place
    You don’t have to run the streets for that extra bit of change
    Cause money don’t mean a lot to me, and I know that may sound strange
    But I’d be content just having you right by my side
    And you can be legit cause my God said that he would provide
    I ain’t Beyonce’ and ‘em; I ain’t looking for no soldier
    I’m willing to carry half of your weight on my shoulder
    When you are weak, for you I’d be strong
    I’ll be there for you when you feel you can’t go on
    I’m willing to sacrifice for you
    Praying that my love will see you through
    But this one thing is all I ask of you
    Please don’t keep living how you do
    You are driving down a dead end street
    But that doesn’t mean that your journey is complete
    There is more than enough room for a U-turn
    And clearly you can see why I am concerned
    Because you just won’t
    Or for some reason unknown to me, you don’t
    You took the road most taken
    You are asleep and won’t awaken
    If you just open your eyes you could alter your fate
    I’m trying to turn you around but you insist on going straight
    And as I watch you, know, my heart continues to break
    As I watch you repeat someone else’s mistake
    Turning it now into your own
    But for some reason to me unknown
    I choose not to leave you alone
    Though your actions I do not condone
    But I’m convinced one day you will come to
    And I want my light to be there to see you through
    So when you realize that you are lost, you can find your way
    The right path is there, you have just driven astray
    And I just pray that day comes before it is too late
    And I’m not casting stones; you can clear off your slate
    You don’t have to be a prisoner to your past
    I would heal your broken spirit just like a cast
    If you would just hear me
    I know your set in your ways, but that could all be just a phase
    Black man you are limiting your days, I can see you stumbling down the maze
    I can hear them laughing each time you hit a wall
    I can hear them rooting just for you to fall
    But not me, instead I just cry
    Hoping you won’t give up and you just give it one more try
    I’m trying to show you the path that will allow you to be free
    But you’re not looking at it from the same angle as me
    So instead I watch you walk in the opposite direction
    Turning your back towards all my affection
    I am trying to offer you protection, but you won’t take it
    And when I force it on you, you just forsake it
    Just as you have forsaken me
    I wish you would adhere to my plea
    I want you to open your eyes so you can see
    I want you to free your mind and realize it’s me
    And that I’ve got your best interest at heart
    I’m trying to save you, but can’t figure out where to start
    Because you won’t let me, and you won’t hear me
    But here I am begging you to take my hand
    I want to lead you to a new and better land
    And right now I need you to understand
    I am no longer requesting, this is a demand
    Take all your pride and just push it aside
    Get back on the right path, and I’ll come along for the ride
    I want you to put down your guard and just relax
    That would ease the strain on both of our backs
    Throw all that gangsta and thug **** away
    I want you to stand up and be a man for me…today
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    this poem was very deep and i can definately relate to it, i too was in this situation trying to save someone that didnt want to be saved, i tried and i tried but i think what i was saying to him was goin in one ear and out the other. i like that you dont give up that shows that your a true friend and that you care about peoples lives. lynne you are someone who can make a difference i can feel your vibe!!!! keep doin what you do more power to you :star:
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    somewhere ova da rainbow....
    nice poet deep it was flow head on...
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    I would imagine it would take much strength to receive an offer such as this, and an ability to see past the mindset of a gangsta. Such a sincerity in these words and a willingness to persevere. Well written flow.
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    word up !!
    i feel u here and this speak the truth and reality of so many
    wanna be's when deep inside they are cream puffs
    on point here
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    Whoa, girl, incredible flow! I have known both guys and girls who have to front with the tough image. It's for protection, and they have trouble letting down their guards and trusting. You see and articulate this very well. Daps for dis one.