Benin : Title: Journey to the Motherland: From San Francisco to Benin City

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    Author: Larry Ukali Johnson-Redd

    Title: Journey to the Motherland: From San Francisco to Benin City

    Publisher: Amen-ra Theological Seminary Press

    Reviewer: W. H. McDonald, Jr. – AAA Founder

    An Autobiographical Voyage of Self-discovery!

    Some people go off to college and the great universities to get all
    their education from books. Author Larry Ukali Johnson-Redd has been
    on a life long journey seeking to discover his own self and his place
    in this world. His autobiography "Journey to the Motherland: From San
    Francisco to Benin City" is not just about a physical trip but a
    quest for emotional and spiritual discovery. His story is
    heartwarming and even enlightening at times.

    The stories of his life are mixed in with wonderful insightful
    poetry. Truly a man with a life mission he pushes onward and inward
    at the same time. You are left at the end of the book wanting a full
    accounting and update on his life since he wrote this book.

    The book explores race relations, love, leaving one's country and
    returning. As a white man reading this book I found myself fascinated
    with his whole experience. He writes as a Black man but his message
    of love and understanding and acceptance speaks to all of us.

    The American Author Association gives this book its highest book
    rating of FIVE STARS! It also carries my personal endorsement and
    recommendations. The book is truly inspirational and is worth your
    time to read it.

    Visit the authors website at: www.lovingblackwome