Black Christians : Tithing.

Do you pay tithes? If so, how do you determine how much to give, and do you go by gross income, or net income? I have heard a lot of different thoughts on this subject, just wondering how others feel.
Great subject my sister rapunzal24, (luv your name by the way!:) )

Here's what I believe concerning tithing ...

Other than your “receiving of salvation” … this act (tithing – whether you choose to or not & how much) is most personal & should remain that way. Meaning, whether you choose to tithe $$$’s or of your time – is & should remain between you & HIM (GOD).

I also prefer to think of tithing as a way to bring God into my work and my relationship with money. This act takes 2 character strengths:

  1. Comittment
  2. Consistancy

Tithing by definition …

Tithe means “one-tenth,” so … we give 10%, but in fact we can give any percentage we choose.

In the Scriptures, this act is lifted up as an example of how individuals should respond to God's blessings.

Though many “believers” question whether the tithe is still applicable today since we are not "under the law", there are those who consider it a privilege to give proportionately to the work of the Lord using the tithe as a pattern.

Again, in the New Testament … churches are not given percentages, yet the principle of proportionate giving is referenced in 1 Corinthians 16: 2 & 2 Corinthians 2:8.



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