Black Poetry : TITANIC

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    Our affair ended on a sour note now I shower and hope
    We can get back together, my skills have power to choke
    My feast got tossed because of an increase of cost in rage
    At night need a wage hike with more money can turn a new page
    Need a coat of paint because my quotes taint them microphones
    These quotes and script will float a ship people try panic like their on
    The Titanic which once roam the atlantic ocean Cpt E J Smith was strong
    I got facts s awesome like Jack Dawson met a wet girl name rose
    Started to hrul flows her way just to get five kisses per day and propose
    To her, wanna smash her lace but got bashed in the face don’t know
    You, wanted to kiss her lips fast and her hips clashed against rails
    Of the ship “Rose please I need your body lets get romantic bout the tales
    Of the Titanic, girl you got class and body please don’t crash my party”
    “Look Jack you maybe quick I think you want me seas sick it’ll be a spotty
    Situation wanna throw me on the bunk hot and pump **** in my hot box
    Huh?” “look girl this party is fast galore lets dash for the door you a fox”
    “Jack how you gonna act I can’t strip on this ship my panties might float
    You use tight quotes in love talk, butyou’re not gonna sink my wet boat
    The truth is I got a freak itch and your roof got a steep pitch let me slide
    On your pivoting shingles girl I’m Living Single like Queen Lativa collide
    Clean with your pie dream,” “Jack wait not here my dear you may cum inside”
    “yeah go trap and flow like Leonardo Decaprio a ship of dreams with pride”