Black Poetry : TIP/TOE


Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
My heart has tip toe into your gentle slope
for it is warm, I've beded in your walk
my mind has venture into da moment
of ya movement to rest upon ya valley
da undulations of slow turning my eyez
close unto ya slumber for u sleep
now sleep da crimson petal
nor wave da cypress in self palace
I walk tip toe nor wink in da font;
my fire fly awaken, waken wit me !

Behold me, drop da milkwhite peacock
like da morning ghost to glimmer onto me
every step is laced wit my fire of love
a shinning furrow dat has desires i leaves
upon da face and lipest of my spool kiss
fold thyself my dearest in ya sweetness
and slip into my blosom so i may tip toe
into your dayz wit tenderness
on side my darkest times i found thee
inside da core of my shadow an sparkle

For silently i've been so long ago age past
watchin you through da depth of these cries
my soul bare light when i be tippin into you
I now carry you ova da waters of deep
when da windz sing agreeably love child
from tis day forward you shall not walk alone
my heart will be your shelter
for thou arms will be your home of comfort
da essence of your stay will be crystalize
treasury of love is da tip toe of my walk




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