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    "A historian and linguist from South Africa recently wrote me a fascinating letter, in which he chronicled the major world empires of history, dating the time of their rise and fall. Here is what his calculations look like:
    Assyria (859-612 B.C.): a 247-year reign.
    Persia (538-330 B.C.): a 208-year reign.
    Greece (331-100 B.C.): a 231-year reign.
    The Roman Republic (260-27 B.C.): a 233-year reign.
    The Roman Empire (27 B.C.-180 A.D.): a 207-year reign.
    The Arab Empire (634-880 A.D.): a 246-year reign.
    The Mameluke Empire (1250-1517 A.D.): a 267-year reign.
    The Ottoman Empire (1320-1570 A.D.): a 250-year reign.
    Spain (1500-1750 A.D.): a 250-year reign.
    Romanov Russia (1682-1916 A.D.): a 234-year reign.
    Great Britain (1700-1950 A.D.): a 250-year reign.
    The USA (1790-2009 A.D.): 219 years and counting.
    My honorable historian-friend calculates America's reign using its post-Revolutionary War years. He notes that America's reign is currently at 219 years. He further notes that the average duration of every world superpower listed above is a little over 238 years. "

    The above is a quote and is not my words.


    By Chief Elder Osiris

    Over the infinite span of Time, many nations upon this planet has risen to become powerful Nations, mostly based upon military might, and has fallen from power, meaning to have lost the respect of being of great influence in the world.

    So as you observe the nations concentrated upon above in this missive, you could ignorantly assume that Afrika as known to be, and is the Home of the Divine Beings who are referred to as Black Afrikan People, a Nation made for you to believe and not know otherwise, having you to accept the belief that the Black Nation has always been with a lack of a level of Intelligence that exclude the Black Nation from ever having been a Nation of extreme intellect and civilized use of power.

    Such will lead Black people to believe that we have never been a powerful Nation by our own independent expression of power, shared with no other nation, not even through the infusion of the Arab Nation with the Black Nation, using the relationship of Black and Arab ethnic assimilation, morphing an off-spring from such an act of assimilation, to become an ethnic Afro-Arab Nation, known as Egyptain,

    You are made to believe that there was no Powerful Black Nation of its own natural phenotype, that has been in possession of power exclusively from all other nations claiming power, power in relationship to the Black Nation, meaning in possession of a level of knowledge that has not since been in the possession of the Black Nation, a level that has never been matched by any nation that have rose to power upon this planet.

    The Black nation, the nation consisting of Divine Beings, is the only Nation of Power that was deceivingly caused to Fall from the possession of power, no economic collapse, no societal anti-nature melt down, no religious lying detection, no military parity that lead to a lost of powerful influence, none was the cause of the Fall of the Divine Black Nation .

    So when dealing with those Nations that rose and fell from power, you hear nothing about the power of the Divine Black Nation, which lead you to assume that the Black Nation has never been of powerful influence among the league of so call civilized nations upon this Earth.

    So, now here we are, believing, discussing, fearing the Fall of America, where for five Hundred Years you have been held ignorantly captive and led to believe that Black people have never been a Nation that generated respect from a world society.

    Black people in America have been conditioned to believe and not Think, believe that the Black life safety, is depended upon America remaining to be the most powerful Nation among the world society, when in fact the only assurance of the Black life being safe, is when it is in an environment of Divine Black power, instead of us believing that all of our wants and help is to come from America.

    So when, not if, but when America Fall from power, we now have been conditioned to believe that Black people in America must go the way of America, and I am here to share with you by indicating, not so beloved.

    We Black people, we who have been made to become a Divided self ignorant Black Nation, a Black Divided Nation that do not know what Time in the Universe it is, and because we have lost all knowledge of the sacredness of Divine Time, we remain a Black Nation without power, remaining at the level of ignorance we have been caused to fall to, and it is at such a level we now find our Black selves in, that have us falling with the sinking of America today.

    Oh yes beloved, all nations who get their greatness from lying and deceiving the World society and the society of the Black Nation in particular, they are destined to fall, because to do evil against the Divine Beings Black Nation, puts you in the cycle of rising and falling and such a dynamic sequence of motion of Time, condemn such evil action against a Divine Black Nation, we who have been made to lose all sense of Mind that give cause for the Divine Black Beings to be at a lost of our Divine Mind, which make us to be weak to the action of evil that is leveled against us, as we are ignorant to the Time it is today.

    Time is an ally to Divinity and it is the Divine that is enclosed in the action of Time, because the two operate in Harmony, Order, and Balance with the Eternal Infinite Reality of the forever presence of the Divine Essence, whose garment is the Infinite Darkness, the Ethereal Light of Existence, the Holy Sacredness Of Divine Truth And Reality, which require for you to know and not believe.

    Time is Divine and it speak only to that which is Divine, and it is the Black Nation which once was Divine, so it is to the advantage of the Black Nation to learn to know what Time it is for America.

    America is a Powerful Nation in decline today and it is such Divine knowledge about America that will motivate you Black People in America to know why it is so Divinely important for you to unite in our demand for our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation, and with one united voice let America know that we now demand our freedom away from America and that our motion of Direction is toward Afrika, because we now reveal our rejection of America as she move in the direction of her decline, because her reign of power in term of Time, is over, beloved.

    So you must come to see, you fight against the sacredness of Divine Time whenever you react to what Nature has so declared for America, which is her decline, as you attempt to change an America that is destined to Fall, and you Black people along with it, that is if you do not allow your Mind eye to become your vision that will show you the quality of change that the Black Nation must experience again, that is if the world is to be saved from the Natural disasters that is to cause a New world to come upon this planet Earth.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Do you not know that the Greatest Defense for your Life, Is To Reject America, and to inform America and the World that it is now Time for the children of the Middle Passage To Return home with our Enslaved Ancestors, and their Reparation>

    You must come to see beloved, all else is a waste of Divine Time and to disrespect Divine Time, serve only to the detriment of the Divine Black Nation, now Divided and is with a lost of the knowledge of the power and significance of TIME!, which is Divine, beloved.

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved.

    Chief Elder
    [email protected]