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Dec 10, 2007
Finance & Endless Possibilities

I need time to decide what’s right for me
I’ve fallen out of love and this woman is lazy
I’m not even attracted to her sexually
I need time to talk to God about what our future is to be

I need time to think things all the way through
Is this really the man I was supposed to commit my life to?
He only uses the words “beautiful” and “sexy” when we’re doing the do
I need time to figure out this person that I thought I knew

I need time to figure out why I’ve fallen out of love
She doesn’t respect my authority but blames me for everything she’s sick of
Besides my beautiful children these past years of marriage have been like OJ’s glove
I need time to figure out why our “fit” is not compatible

I need time to pursue my own dreams
I’m tired of putting his needs first while I’m busting at the seams
With all my cries for help no one could ever really here my screams
I need time to figure out who I am so I can begin to rebuild my self-esteem

I found time to fall in love again
She is everything I’ve dreamed of and so much different than the same
Why couldn’t I have met her as a single man
I found the woman that I want to spend my life loving through sunshine or rain

I found time to trust in love once more
He is everything I’ve dreamed of in a man and someone that I truly adore.
I imagine this is how God intended true love to be enjoyed
I found the man who I want to love all the way to the core

We both know that love knows no distance, geography or zips
But we have to allow for understanding and closure in our current relationships
If we do things right our love will abound
Because the intensity of our souls could never be suppressed in the love that we’ve found
Yes Indeed Poet

Speak on this thang more...from one who is feeling this thoroughly...One must wonder how to manage such strong emotion without making rash decisions that will tear up everything family oriented of which people on the outside looking in will be like you need to stay and work it out and then the other side of the coin is "I'm out" period. A happy medium. Is there one with this?:em19:


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