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    This war will end very badly. Are you ready for the next depression? In the economy and in the mind. If you look on line at Monster for a job. All you see is come work for the United States Mob. The Army. The Air Force. The Marines needs you. Otherwise get to stepping there are no jobs, abecuase we have a plan that doesn't concern you. Unless you join one of these groups.

    I personally would have not fought in Vietnam. I'm not putting down anyone that served.

    What I am going to say is all blacks should refuse to continue in the foolish treatment and needless wars that we help and continuously participate in.

    They screwed us after we help win the civil war.
    They still lynched us after we helped win the first world war.

    In the second world war. :injured:

    We again had to sit segregated.

    Be fed segregated.

    Instead of being sent to fight we were sent to Alaska to build the great highway there. Sent with poor equiptment. Sent with a failing plan. Forced and kept segregated from the eskimo's and our own white soldiers that were there to supervise us.

    Given guns, but no bullets.
    Bullets were later taken by
    us by force and theft.

    Then and only then did the conditions
    and name calling and ridicule end.

    The highway was finished. In record time. In conditions any other man would have given up on if he had been straped with the lack of resources. We didn't complain that we didn't have enough resourses and equiptment to do the job. Now you know we don't like the cold. The soldiers tolerated conditions that only an eskimo knows how to tolerate.

    My point is the present war, after we return. Will not net us one additional job. Not one additional ounce of respect. America has a serious problem of after they use you as soldiers. They do not support you as veterans.
    Hey do you want a job? I know you have no food. I know you lost your home. There are no jobs. I know all this because I created these things. I took all your job possibilities away. This drove you into homelessness. So you have no water, and food to support yourself let alone your family.

    I’m the United States Army. I have money, unlimited resources and all the weapons you need to do what I am about to show you.

    Join me. Do what I ask, and we together can come out winners. If you aren’t with me. Then you must be against me.

    This is what our government is asking of the Iraqi citizens. This is what our government has done to us.

    Now we are in Iraqi and asking the people we have done this to. To let us train them. Give them jobs. Let us train them so they can help us fight against their cousins. Brothers and Friends.

    What has happened is most have deserted after being fully equipped and paid, fed and trained. After the fighting started. What they left with is our poker hand. They know our cards, or plans. They know our next attempt and move.

    Is this a great plan or what? The same thing is similar to how they equip our poor with weapons in America. Give them guns. Tell them I have at my disposal tons of synthetic and grown drugs. So don’t worry I will keep you supplied to get his done.

    Do you want a job? I want you to go out. Make yourself some money, feed your family. Fight your own. Kill your own so we together can come out winners.

    January 17, 2005 issue
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    A Time for Leaving
    Much has been made also of the constitution we wrote for the Iraqis. It reads well, as did the one the British wrote for the Iraqis 80 years ago in 1924, but it is not anchored in the realities of Iraqi society. Absent the institutions that give life to a constitution, it will be simply a piece of paper as was the one the British provided. Representative government grows in the soil of the people or it does not grow at all. It cannot be mandated by foreign rulers.
    Thus, the best America might gain from this option is a fig leaf to hide defeat; the worst, in a rapid collapse, would be humiliating evacuation, as in Vietnam


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    .....................And the first group of people to be affected by it be who?


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