Black Poetry : Time to come 2gether

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    when it's time,
    their are the slaves,
    freed men,
    and one concept.

    can't be like tubman,
    today independency rules,
    but we still together,
    pulling in opposite direction,
    getting nowhere,
    but coming back,
    to the same spot,
    or finally breaking away,
    broken incomplete,
    mending into another society,
    of how they fit,
    and is it a crime to be,
    free but still claim?
    nah cause it is same,
    as being a true,
    stuck in limbo,
    yet you made it,
    i might put in a little work,
    for others but this,
    lifetime is all about,
    you until something,
    happens to you,
    and you need help,
    or someone to back you up,
    yet we all keep going,
    as bustas,
    and so on,
    is there hope,

    best if more sons,
    die as prophets,
    for his family,
    and more daughters,
    are raised to be queens,
    knowing the duties,
    are much greater,
    than it's title,
    just a as king,
    i mean after all,
    that is why,
    we play name calling,
    to help ease the,
    psychological wound,
    some say,
    but what i see,
    are more pleas,
    and cries to come,
    while heads shake,
    like they better,
    or too far away,
    to be there,
    cause they have no soul,
    to feel the bigger picture,
    only the smallest one,
    and it's for self,
    which is great,
    go do you,
    but i won't keep,
    neither do i love rules,
    from theirs to yours,
    we can live,
    in a state of mind,
    where all people,
    use less words,
    less conversation,
    the air is much cleaner,
    thoughts are less,
    intuition is more present,
    among us all,
    surviving in pleasure,
    knowing the land,
    outside will not be violated,
    no police,
    no government,
    free trade,
    worship your god,
    without envy and jealousy,
    or perception of wrong doing,
    as long as we stay,
    on one common ground,
    for the city,
    one nation,
    a place,
    where kids,
    are taught,
    by us,
    for us,
    no pressure,
    for jobs,
    as long as your,
    home is feed,
    the land taxes,
    are paid,
    as a collectively,
    with other matters,
    then we all,
    time to come,

    Quadrumobom Ahvuenu Blazon