Chief Elder Osiris : Time Is When Everything Occur

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    Time Is When Everything Occur

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    You know, when I look and see the hypocrisy of the world and how it is playing the Race issue and have people and especially Black people doing their dam'ness to comply with the slogan of Change so that they can comply with the rhetoric of Obama and comply to his theme of profane Change.

    I can not help but wonder what was the theme that indicated it being alright to identify us Divine Beings when being approved to be called any and everything the profane mind of the oppressors of the Divine Beings could think of that would debase us and villify us, indicating because of the difference in our phenotype, that we are not Human Beings of that horrible and accepted racist behavior at that Time.

    yes, they coing the terms of our earthly identification to be that of a Monkey, Gorilla, ******, Negro, and Black, and those Times such slogans meant to be a very derogatory indication of us Divine heavily melanin Beings.

    Yes, we were referred to as Coons, boot-Black and many many more adjectives that referred to the Divine Shaded Beings, those terms was meant to draw a clear and distinct difference between the Divine Shaded Beings and the so called Fair Color Bright lighted Beings, commonly referred to as White People, the Caucasian Human Beings.

    It was at that Time, if you subscribe to white folks bibical saying, that there is a Time and place for all things to happen, then I guess at that Time when Racism, murder, lying, deceiving, Prejudice, and Discrimination, openly practiced against our Ancient Ancestors, I guess that was the Time for our oppression to happen and nothing or nobody could have prevented what the Arabs, Semites, and Europeans did to the Divine Shaded Nation, at that Time, because of the irrational saying that there is a Time and Place for all things to Happen and I am here to let all of you know that I do not subscribe to such a illogical and unreasonable statement, which give justification for our Ancestors to be taken captive and treated as Chattel by the Oppressors of that Time, because it was Time for such evil to be perpetrated against us.

    Anybody who subscribe to such a notion, is a pitiful Fool.

    Time is Motion and Motion represent Life in action and in no way does Time prescribe certain events to occur doring its action and since Time is eternal Infinite, it is in Time when things occur, caused not by Time but by those acting at that Time of Life Action, so do not come to me telling me that it is a Time to be black and a time not to be Black, to use a phrase given to identify us Shaded Divine beings.

    Well here you so call Black Afrikan Americans are, talking about it is now a viture not to recognize ourselves as being Black as the Divine Night, because Obama has come to redefine your Black Behind and you question not the motive behind such an irrational act.

    There is Time when everything occur and in the span of that Time, what ever occur is depended soley upon you, Time plays no part in causing your Life condition, it just verify the event that happen and when.

    So to everything there is a Time when all things in action happen and at this Time, Black People are being conditioned to pretend to be other than what and who we are as Beings, and to deny the shade of our pigment because to America it has such a Evil reminder of her action toward a people who have no record of ever acting evil against them without provocation in self defense.

    So not until America has grown up to acknowledge the sin it has perpetrated against Black People and that those people once demeaned by being referred to as being Black, is given their Enslaved Ancestors Reparation because now they have Sanctified that term Black to mean an association to the Perfect Space without Light which we refer to be the Black Night, it serve to be the epitome of Eternal Infinite Divinity, sacred and Holy that it Is.

    So the Profane Change being advocated by Obama and Farrakhan, regarding their chosen action at this Time, is an action that is well calculated not by Time but at this Time and the question should be by you, WHY?

    Why at this Time it is unpopular to Be Black in America and the World today, WHY?

    Yes all Religions spawns Cults of Membership, they being fanatical in their expression of their Belief, Faith and Hope cause by a Doctrine which Hypnotize the Religious Mind to submit without the use of Divine Thought, to the goal and objective of religion and now here you are in a color base world talking about color does not matter, as you wait for an illusion to become a reality and take you to the religious heaven promised to you, yes color does not matter, it is the colorlessmess of your pigment that matters and that is why the forces of evil is conditioning you against the Divinity of your Blackness in the world today, beloved.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved.

    Yes, It Is Time to Learn To Be Kind to Your Black selves, Beloved.

    Chief Elder