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    By Chief Elder Osiris

    The Action of Motion is what serve to verify action of events and with the Mind ability to intervene and interact with that which is conceived and eventually perceived to be the Motion of Life, then Time become our Illusion of Physical Reality, calculated by the Mind Senses, which is to perceive what is not, yet life become a matter of time, falsely indicating what it is perceived to be, based upon the sense of belief, the illusion of our perception, which is what our physical Life Motion has been and is now based upon, on the physical Dimension, which is comprised of no more than an illusion of Life Motion.

    Life is motion in action, and to imply that Time is a intricate action of life, is to indicate that Life is no more than an illusion, so when the talk become about life and Time and how one such dynamic Action influence and affect the Dynamics of life Motion, then the sum total of those Dynamics become only an illusion, made to appear to be Real, by the action of your Mind ability to conceive without the Senses to perceive that which is Divinely Real, as Life function on a Level of Dimension that is Not Divinely Real, just a Physical Illusion regarding what has been accepted to be Life in Motion.

    Time is an Illusion, yet we attempt to perceive what is claimed to be behind the veil of a Time that has not come and is not, and to make claim to be able to do so with verification, only verify Life inability to know that which is not where you perceive a yet undetermined Action to be, and to perceive without the ability to conceive, remain you to be a participant in claiming Illusions to be Reality, when in fact, Divine Reality remain to be the occurrence of the Action of Events that are only conceived and not perceived to be where such a happening is not.

    There is no one that can perceive and predict with accuracy, the Future, a Action that has yet to occur, but you can make claim to be able to perceive and predict the Past and Presence, because such occurrences either has happen or is in present Action, the only events that verify Divine Reality, while all else pertaining to life Motion Time, serve only to be an illusion to Life Motion, and Motion is only an illusion.

    So to go beyond the scope of Then and Now and connect those two Realities that has and is taking place on the physical level, with that which is only capable of being conceived beyond the physical, you must be mentally qualified to detach physically from all illusion of Time and be able to confirm through the mind that which is only capable of conceiving that which is Divinely Real, so idealism through the mental power of conception become the Divine Reality that extend beyond the physical and come into two different realities, one being of the Dimension of not Physical and the other being of the Physical, one is without the illusion of time while the other is based upon the illusion of time, a Life motion perceived to be Real.

    So, if you tell me what happen yesterday and I will be prone to listen, and if you tell me what is happening today and I will be prone to listen, but tell me today what is going to happen tomorrow, then I will be prone to surmise that illusions are your physical Reality, because Time is not known by you to only appear to be what it is Not.

    No one is capable of predicting what is going to happen tomorrow, because tomorrow is only an illusion of Time, which will only become a physical Reality, only when tomorrow become today.

    You may be able to tell me what you know today and what you know about yesterday, therefore what you know about yesterday and about what is happening today and unless such information has the capacity to extend into tomorrow today, then such an effort of prediction, may be within the bounds of physical predictions, because there is no accurate tomorrow predictions, other than you may attempt to predict about what is to happen tomorrow, which is only tomorrow predicted perceived illusions, if such predicted events claiming to happen and is not a continuation of a eventual situation that goes from the past, to today and into the coming of the next day which is referred to as tomorrow, an illusion coming to become today physical Reality, then your prediction is not based upon assurance but is upon chance.

    Time is an Illusion, yet we are prisoners of Time and a verifier of the events of Life happening, which has happened before and is happening today, so yesterday events are our Divine Reality and today's events are our present physical Reality and tomorrow has no events, so such become our sense of illusion about that which is predicted to happen.

    The Mind is the embodiment of Life, it guide the body in the way it goes, and determine what it look at and what it See and without control of the Mind, the body become subject to the one that control the Mind and looking become primary over Seeing and it is the Blind Mind that fall victim to LIFE ILLUSIONS.

    The Body is exposed to only One reality, which is Physical and all that is Physical, is only an illusion of what you perceive Life to be, but it is the Mind that reside on both realities, one bodily physical and the other Spiritual, the Attitudinal Behavioral expressed through the Body, yet is the nonphysical Dimension of the Body.

    so, all that is physical is materially tangible, serving to be an illusion of SUPERFICIAL REALITY and all such reality only take place in Life Time, an illusion which appear to be but is not, yet Divine spiritual Reality transcend Life Motion, which only serve to be an illusion, because it soon fade away, not so with Divine Spiritual Reality, a Dimension that only the Mind is capable of entering without the Need of life Motional Time, so it is the behavior we exhibit that reflect our Divine Spirituality or our Profane Spirituality, Spirituality, an action that is not Materially Tangible, nor can be perceived, just the evidence from such action can be detected.

    Spirituality is Liken to the Wind, you can not perceive it, but you can feel the result of its action, an action that reveal the only reality that affect Life on both Dimensions of being and Not Being, one is of the illusion of Time and the other is Not.

    Show me a Life guided by a Divine Mind and I will show you a Life that commune with the Universe, living a Life based upon Divine Reality, but show me a life guided by the body senses and I will show you a life that is the victim of the senses illusion and in such a predicament, the Life suffer from the Events of happening, where the body fall prey to the mind senses instead of the Divine Mind Ability To Reason Logically about that which is beyond the Physical Dimension.

    Time Is An Illusion, Yet We Are Prisoners of Time, Victims Of Our own Created Illusions concerning Life And What We Are Required to Do by it, So to Believe About life, Cause you to Become a Prisoner to That belief, But To know About Life, Will cause You to Be able to Understand The Dimension That Is beyond it.

    Proof Of The fact That the Black So Call Afrikan is a Prisoner Of belief and Is Ignorant Of Not Knowing The Difference between Life And The spiritual Dimension beyond life, Then Observe The condition of The Black Nation And The Profane Spirit That guide such A Once Divine Spiritual People, A People That Now Allow Ourselves to Become Caught up into Such Life Illusions, such as Names, Physical Places, And Material Things, What foolish Pitiful People We Black So Call Afrikans have Become, Having no Desire To Know our Divine True Meaning And Purpose In Life.

    Here Is Lovingly Thinking Of you

    Chief Elder
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