Black Poetry : Time Heals Wounds

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    silence etched out in the plains we graze as warring lions
    to bask in the vast expanse of the hidden ambiance assembled around
    the bulwark of dozen influential timeless characters
    each of us has been called you wait a long time for me
    look deeper then ever before shadows block the vortex of the eye
    strength comes by rescue through an opened door waiting to be explored
    time has wedged its tightly woven things now loosely to tug at the heart
    one hand to hold a heart will mend grow on which to depend

    the underscore read, “Time heals wounds”…
    still my hearts door is bleeding trying to come up with a significant solution
    happiness comes from times when I pray get down on my knees
    seek the source that brings me through the storm onto the truth
    we are at battle its more then a cow away from its cattle
    you got to know right from wrong to play that song
    it’s an impulse a tug at the heart a soul’s solution to impart

    There are people on the streets that need to learn a lesson of love from above
    searching through the latest newspaper columns yet think what the future will be
    love needs to make a big comeback instead of giving me a heart attack
    trust in a power greater then self put that dirty book right back on its shelf
    North Korea, Sexual accusations and news of Trump
    see beauty through the trees it will knock you to your knees
    be as structured as Shaq even at his attempts toward rap
    be the best person you can be respect others dignity