Black People : Tiger Woods and his white wife


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You all know how the story goes. Black man gets rich, black man gets white wife. Tiger Woods say's he is not black but that he is multi racial... okay, whatever.

He is still of a dark skinned native background with his mother being Japanes and his father being black and Indian.

Any way, in 2004 he married a white woman when he would have really been doing something had he busted out with a beautiful Japanes wife or even a black or Indian woman. Not to be telling anyone who to marry but all these marriages we see between rich and succesful black men and white women is not out of love, it can't be. There are to many races of other beautiful women running around for **** near every man who gets rich to choose a white wife. Bruce Lee did the same thing, he married a white woman when he became the number on famous martial arts actor...

My reason for posting this thread is because recently Tiger offered his wife 60 Million dollars to stay married to him for another two years. What is that all about, how come he paying that woman to be married to him? Then when she decides to leave him, she is getting paid more??? Then again, isn't that what all rich and succesful colored men do, they pay white women to be married them until the white woman decides to leave him??? Next thing you know, the white woman is set for life.

Here is the artical.|htmlws-bv-n|dl1|link3|


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don't believe the hype...u think if no one really knows the real story he's gonna reveal this?

and if this is true he's a [email protected] can't buy u love...

one love
I been seeing a lot of negative things in the news about black people lately. When I say negative, I am talkin outside of the so called black on black crime arena.




Well, now, true or not, you know soon somebody's publicist or lawyer will come out and make a statement saying that this is false.

Tiger and his wife will both categorically deny that this is true, whether she stays or doesn't stay.

And, IF it is true....obviously, Tiger must be thinking, "It's Cheaper To Keep Her." (Well, at least, for 2 more years, anyway, if he's thinking of his Endorsements.)

...."Elin has been offered a $5 million payment immediately if she agrees to stay-and her prenuptial agreement is being revised to give her up to an additional $55 million.

When the couple married on Oct. 5, 2004, at the Sandy Lane resort in Barbados, Elin signed a prenuptial agreement reportedly worth $20 million after 10 years of marriage, not considered a large payout for someone who was already as successful as Tiger by then. (Source)

Elin must stay with Woods for two more years to be eligible for the $60 million pay out. As the couple has been married for five years already, this seven year period is a reduction from the ten years required for a settlement in their previous agreement. If Elin elects to stay with Tiger for five more years after this two-year period, Nordegren will be entitled to $80 million...."

...And what is required of Elin should she decide to stay with Woods for the full seven years? The prenuptial agreement between Elin and Tiger requires her to act like a perfectly happy woman in a perfect marriage while in public at all times. Plus, there is a life-long gag order attached, preventing Nordegren from ever telling her perspective on the real Tiger Woods.|htmlws-bv-n|dl1|link3|
So, if her dignity is worth $60 million, well, then, she can stay the additional 2 more years and leave with that....or she can do the whole 10 YEAR BID and leave with $80 million. :10500:

But, if true, I agree with the article on the message she "would be" sending her daughter......

"Now, whatcha need to do, Baby, is to find you a rich Black man to marry and get all you can outta him before you leave him."


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Bottom line;
nothing good comes from a brother marrying a white woman.

"and the beat goes on................"


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Don't mistake me...Tiger is an attractive man. But even with his good looks, does he really think she would have married him if he made $30K a year? She may have worked as a nanny, but she was also a swimsuit model. She was not the "average Becky" and had no plans to marry/sell herself cheap. He knew this, and that explains the prenup. I don't have any empathy for trophy wives or the men who marry them.

In all honesty, this is not a "black man marries white woman" problem. The problem is not the color of the wife but the character of the man. Think of all the white famous people who cheat. Think of all the famous black people who cheat, even when they have black spouses. And think of all the couples you know out in the real world. Also, women cheat too!


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It's interesting how the celebrity black and white children always have white mothers. Has anyone seen or known of a black and white celebrity with a black mother?