Black Entertainment : TIDBITS FOR A SLOW DAY

Discussion in 'Black Entertainment' started by oldiesman, Mar 13, 2009.

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    hi blackpeople,it's a slowday so i'm gonna throw out some musical tidbits...did you know that before[motown's]supremes there were four other groups with that name that recorded in the fifties[all male]and one that started as the[supremes]but changed thier name to[ruby & the romantics]...did you know that both[melvin franklin and david ruffin]were both in the early sixties group[the voice masters]but not at the same time...did you know that[gene chandler]recorded the classic[duke of earl]as a member of a group[the dukays]but because of a mixup on the label they aren't credited on the most of you are familiar with the movie[the five heartbeats]but did you know that there were two actual groups with that name that had five members each...well that's it for today,the next time it's slow i'll have some more...peace!