Black Poetry : Thy Name is Seduction


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Jul 21, 2006
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Thy Name is Seduction

Baby, your mama should have named you Seduction
Cuz that’s exactly what you do to me
Making love to my mind over and over
As time flows so sweetly with no interruption

With just a glance in my direction,
You have to the power to make my knees go weak
As your eyes slowly rove over my body
Touching me intimately from my head to my feet

Nothing has to be said from you to me
Because our souls already know the words
They’ve had this conversation before
Some place between the present and eternity

Ohh, Seduction
My body tingles at the very mention of your name
I can smile at you from across the room
Only we know the rules to our lovers’ game

Your smile, mmmm
Has the power to set my very skin on fire
Making my insides burn and yearn
For just a minute of your warm desire

Your body, a temple…
As beautiful as the Motherland
God made you in His image
From the richest, blackest sand

Our bodies, yours and mine
Were made specifically for each other
The Ying to my Yang
That was God’s great design

My sweet, sweet Seduction
You don’t understand
I’m consumed with your scent, your touch, your pure manliness
And a need for you to touch me the way only you can

But of all that doesn’t even matter
Because when night turns to dawn
My dreams of you are over
I wake up and you’re gone

© April D. Nickerson


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Sep 21, 2005
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wow...i followed this one all the way thru....he truly must be a special man...a god, for you to bestow such adoration....

a great write...i like the rhythm of the just bubble this one..


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Jan 24, 2004
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Hey there Napturally...again welcome aboard:roll:
I like the piece you dropped on us...keep flowing..we hear ya, ...^5


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Jun 2, 2006
Welcome Napturally,
Nice drop my sista

Ohh, Seduction
My body tingles at the very mention of your name
I can smile at you from across the room
Only we know the rules to our lovers’ game

Im so feeln' this, keepm' comin'

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