Black Poetry : Thy Armory Pen Of God

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    Thy Armory Pen Of God
    Thy Armory Pen Of God
    By Jacqueline Amos

    Thy Amory pen of God, Thou proverbs of spoken word
    of great understanding to thou, Thy Prophesies of psalms,
    thy great writer of thy almighty God, Thou sacred stroke
    of the brush, the canvas of the heavens an earth,
    the molding of the clay, creations of human life.
    The seeds of life,
    Multiply in Gods Spoken words,
    Creations of a great pen.
    Virtues that shines in the light,
    The blue pen strokes of the skies.

    The green that gives the tenderness to thy earth,
    The smell of scented love,
    The Mountains of clay,
    Form the creations of man.

    The sky’s commands wisdom to guide,
    Thy purpose shake,
    And thou soul shall embrace,
    The spoken words.

    Heaven the palace, of the almighty God,
    That arises, Miracles yielding from the skies,
    Prepare to meet thou,
    At the golden gate,
    The doves flaps their wings,
    Thou tears embrace.

    When thou god sends life to earth,
    Let thou faith to heaven repair the wings,
    That expands to the yielding of thy air,
    Celestial chants in numbers flows,
    Melodies enchanting strain,
    The dove sings,
    The armory of the almighty pen.

    Oh thou pen submerging the earth,
    Link to the celestial, beings the planets embrace,
    The union of Gods creations emerges,
    The singing of rebirth,
    The creations come together as one.
    Who gave thee birth, thou taught us life.
    Words of Gods great laws.
    Nations come together,
    With the armory of the pen,
    The Universe cries, Oh thy almighty god,
    Mercy to thee.