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    This is a sample from a novel I'm working on I hope y'all like it.

    Honey was siting at the park around her way with her girls drinking 40’s and chilling. There were heads playing ball, well trying to and some heads were chilling talking business. Honey peeped one dude who was twisting up a blizz. He was about 5’8 brown skinned with braids, he wore a long platinum chain with a big cross.
    He had a earring in his left ear with some Phat Farm gear on and a fresh new pair of Tim’s. He kept grilling Honey until he called her over. “Ay yo shorty in the red come here.” Her girl Chyna was pushing her to go. “You better go holla at that n**** he’s mad cute.” Her other girl Tiny was chilling drinking her 40 watching her daughter run around in the park.
    The dude watched Honey get up from the bench with her tight black Levi jeans with the matching jacket, red fitted baby tee, and some red Tim's. She wore her honey-blonde hair in spiral curls that came to her chin blending just right with her golden brown skin. Unlike the dude she wore gold a lot of it. He was feeling her style and just had to get her digits. Honey walked over to the dude and said what up.
    “What’s your name shorty?” he asked “Honey” “You got a man Honey?”
    “So what up, you live up the hill right?”
    “So why every time you walk by you don’t say nothing?”
    “Cuz I don’t know you.”
    “What!” “We used to go to middle school together, how old are you now?”
    “Word, that’s peace.” “So can I get your number?” She gave him her pager number because her grandmother didn’t like dudes calling the crib. “So when can I page you shorty?” he asked putting the piece of paper with her number in his pocket.
    “I don’t know tonight I guess.”
    “A’ight then.” She walked back over to her girls they was just smiling at her.

    Honey lived with her grandmother, brother and two sister’s. Honey left the park at about 6:30 that evening because she had to baby-sit while nana went two work. Honey took care of her brother and sister’s since her mother had died of cancer five years ago. Honey couldn’t remember her father because he died from a drug over dose when she was three. All she knew was that he had another daughter who was about 20 now and lived in Rhode Island.
    Her sister Nicole was 13, Leah was 9, and her brother Andrew was 15. They all shared a different father from Honey. Andrew was the trouble maker who was never around. He basically lived on the streets and slang rocks. Honey didn't like living at her nana's because since her mother died she had to do everything for the family being the oldest.
    When she got home nana was on her way to work. She worked the night shift as a nurses’s aid. “Make sure your brother brings his hard headed a** home tonight and goes to school tomorrow.” said nana before heading out the door. “Yeah nana,” “And cook something for dem kids when they come in.”
    Honey went to the kitchen to find something to cook for dinner. Nikki and Leah came running in from chilling outside with their neighborhood friends. “Go wash up and do y’all homework.” It was a warm Wednesday night in Boston and Honey a.k.a. Kayla was stuck in the house while all her friends ran around.
    Later that night at nine her brother came in with two of his boys Mike who liked Honey and David. They were high and went straight to Drew’s room after grabbing some munchies.
    Honey was in her bed laying down talking to her girl Chyna about her men problems. Honey and Chyna had been best friends since elementary and though they weren’t as tight as they used to be, they always made time to chill. Since Honey knew she was never good at giving advice she was happy when her pager went off. She hung up with Chyna and called the strange number back.
    “Hello someone page me?”
    “Yeah, what up?”
    “Who dis?”
    “Daeshawn, remember earlier at the park.”
    “Oh yeah, what up?”
    “Nothing chilling killing, what cha you doing shorty?”
    “I’m saying what cha you doing tomorrow after school I’ll come pick you up we can chill or whatever.” “You go to Westie right?”
    “Yeah I used to go there but they was trying to **** me up, but anyways, Honey that’s your real name?”
    “No It’s Kayla.”
    “So I’m a be in front at 1:45 tomorrow a'ight”
    “yeah a'ight one.”

    Dae hung up with her and headed out to meet up with his boys at the club. He spent the rest of the night getting drizzed and talking business while chilling with two fly honies. He wanted to holla at one of the chick’s named Veronica but she was all on his boy Rik’s nuts.
    He left the club around 2 a.m. and went straight home to crash, he wanted to be rested for the next day. He was looking forward to chilling with the dime he pulled earlier at the park.
    The next morning Honey woke up in anticipation waiting for after school. She got in the shower, got dressed and left for school with her brother. Her sister’s hopped on their school bus, and her and Drew caught their bus in the square.
    They got to school and Drew went straight to go chill with his n*****. They didn’t even go to class just hanged in the hallways with the older cats. Honey stopped her days in the hallway’s since she was a junior and wanted to graduate next year. But Drew didn’t care he wanted to live on the streets and didn’t listen to no one since their mother died. Honey was going to her 2nd period class when she saw her ex-boyfriend, Haseem.
    He came up to her high and smelling like weed with his cousin C and C's girl Meka. Honey used to chill with all of them when she was talking to Haseem but Meka is considered two faced. “So what’s the deal why you don’t call nobody.” asked Haseem. Meka was like “because she think she too good to chill wit n****.”
    Honey grilled her she wasn’t afraid to shoot the fair one with Meka. “Anyhow I’ve been busy.” “So I’m saying you almost had my seed and now you can’t even call a n**** to chill.”
    Honey had a miscarriage when they were going out last summer, they had broken up before school started. Haseem and Honey were on the way to see a movie when they started arguing.
    They were at Forest Hills walking down the steps to catch the 39 when Honey tripped and fell. The fall caused her a miscarriage that Honey wasn’t too upset about. She wasn’t looking forward to dropping Haseem’s seed anyways.
    She looked at it like it was a free abortion. She just couldn’t see herself having his baby or being with him any longer. Haseem had an attitude problem and quick tempers that she couldn’t deal with anymore. He was her first in everything when they met her freshman year. Haseem was now a senior and Honey couldn’t stand him hitting her anymore so she had dropped his a**.
    Drew walked by grilling Haseem. They never got along since they first met, and when Drew found out Haseem used to beat on her, he was about to spark it with him. Honey squashed it cause she knew how crazy Haseem was. The second bell rang and Honey headed for her class after listening to Haseem plead the fifth. He was constantly trying to get back with Honey but she was straight.
    At the end of the day Honey tried to bounce a little early because she didn’t want Haseem to see her with Daeshawn. Even though Haseem and Daeshawn lived in the same town and were practically neighbors, they ran with different crews and Honey knew they had beef with eachother.
    When she got outside everybody was there including Dae who was talking to some barz all in his s***. They were gassed over his dope forest green Acura with spinning rims.Honey walked up to Dae's whip not making eye contact with anyone. She could feel mad eye’s burning a hole through her especially Haseem, who’s face was salted.
    “What up cutie you ready?” asked Dae
    “Yeah” said Honey getting in his car.
    “Where you wanna go, you want something to eat?”
    “Cool we bout to hit up Nick’s.”
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    super great story i know it's a pt.2
    try to drop the N word we don't use that
    it's one of our banned words ......loved this story wow!!!
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    Yo, this is about the tytest split I ever read yo. I liked your writing skillz. Hurry up and hit us up with that part 2.
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    whats good ma. I'm loving your style. This is REAL good and I look forward to part 2 holla back.