Black Short Stories : Thug Luv pt2

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    Honey and Dae drove to Nick's. They got some grub and went to blaze a blizz at the Fort. Honey usually didn’t blaze, but that day she felt like it. They sat in the whip listening to Nas’s new joint and conversated for like almost three hours.
    At five Dae dropped her off at her crib cause he had to take care of business. Honey knew what he did but it didn’t matter cause she liked him, she had a feeling he might be the one.
    Several weeks went by and Honey had been chilling with Dae on the reg. One day she skipped school on his 22nd birthday and her and Dae were chilling at his crib. They were sipping on Henny when Dae started rubbing her neck then he kissed her.
    Usually he only kissed her good-bye when he dropped her off since he was always busy. But he was into it that day and so was she. They went to his room and Honey took off her blouse, pulled down her capri’s and was in her underwear and bra. Dae was kissing her and caressing her a way she never felt before with Haseem.
    He laid her on his bed and took his clothes off. He slowly got on top of her and put on a rubber. They stayed there making love for about an hour, then another half, longer than Haseem ever lasted. After the first round Dae told Honey he wanted to feel all of her and didn’t put on another rubber. When his tip entered he almost came instantly. ****, he thought, I knew this p**** was bomb since the first day I pulled her.
    Honey was hesitant about bunning raw but gave into Dae’s skills. He was kissing and caressing her whole body. Honey was surprised when he even went down on her making her have an orgasm for the first time. Unlike Haseem, who used to constantly try to make her give him a shine, yet was too good to eat the box.
    Honey went home happy that day after Dae dropped her off. But when her brother came in later that night she became upset. He was jumped by Haseem and his boys. Honey was asking Drew more info, but he was calling his boys up to go get Haseem and his crew. Nana had already left for work and Nikki and Leah were at their aunts crib for the weekend.
    It was a Friday and Honey new what Haseem was doing, getting ripped up. Honey begged her brother not to go out but he wouldn’t listen, and bounced anyway. She called Dae hysterical telling him what happened. Dae tried to calm her down but decided to come through when she wouldn’t. When Dae finally came through Honey was asleep on the couch in the living room. She got up when she heard the door bell. Honey grilled him before she let him enter. “What **** I’m here ain't I!” yelled Dae still a little tipsy from drinking at the club. He tried to leave as soon as he could but he had a meeting with his boy Chris.
    “Yeah 3 hours late.” snapped back Honey “Booh I told I was busy taking care of business, I got here as fast as I could.” “Business, Business it’s always about your business Dae, that’s all you care about making money.” “Listen to me” he said taking her in his arms. Honey felt so safe in Dae’s arms not to mention he always smelled good.
    “I just lost my boy James today a’ight, so don’t try to tell me all I care about is money.” “You don’t know what the I’ve been through so don’t try to judge me a’ight.” said Dae he hated it when people assumed he was all about the Benjamins. Don’t get it twisted Dae loved the money hustling was giving him, but more then anything he just wanted to have a good life.
    He didn’t want to work a 9 to 5 just so he could pay bills for a hoopty a** crib and push a hoopty a** whip. Dae wasn’t into all that materialistic stuff but wasn’t about to buss his butt for an ordinary life when there were a million other headz out there like him doing the same thing. Dae didn’t want to ill on Honey but he wanted her to know the deal.
    “I know Dae, I’m just scared something's going to happen to Drew.” said Honey laying her head on his shoulder. “Look you have to let Drew be his own man, when I was his age couldn’t nobody tell me nothing then or now ya know what I’m saying, he’ll learn his own way.”
    “I guess so but I can’t handle losing another person I love, I’ve been losing family all my life.” “Well”, said Dae taking her face in his hand, “you’ll always have me I ain't going no where .”
    Drew and his boys pulled up in a hot box, they had gaffed, in front of the park where everybody including Haseem was. They got out the whip and pulled burners out on Haseem and his boys. Drew aims right at Haseem’s head but is stopped by a gun shot he feels a pain in his back then blacks out.
    The next day nana and Honey visit Drew at Boston Medical. Nana told him how lucky he was and that she was disappointed with him, the usual speech. Drew had been shot before he could pop Haseem. The bullet went straight through his side just missing an artery. When nana left to go refill his water pitcher Honey illed on him.
    “What the h*** is wrong with you!” she said hitting him. “Aw **** chill out sis” said Drew rubbing the spot she stole on. “Don’t tell me you on that ol bull too.” “Yeah I’m on that cause your dumb a** could’ve been killed.”
    “Look you need to stay the away from Haseem he’s only messing with you cause of me.” said Honey “Oh well I don’t care he's gonna catch it word is bond.” Honey shook her head at her brother’s ignorance as nana returned to the room.
    That Sunday Drew had been released from the hospital and headed straight to the park. He searched behind a pile of bushes and found his 35 where he stashed it after he got shot, when everybody ran except the dudes who were dead. Before blacking out Drew had dragged himself to stash his burner. He was surprised yet glad jakes didn’t find it. The police had questioned Drew that same night of the shoot out.
    His boy David, who also got shot in the leg, got caught up trying to lie about that night and jake’s had him in custody. Drew just told them he was there chilling when shots broke loose. He prayed David wouldn’t snitch on him cause then he would have to pop him, boy or not. Drew lived by the codes of the streets and any one who snitched deserved to die.
    Honey went back to school that Monday morning. She was annoyed with all the stares and whispers about what happened. The principal spoke over the intercom giving a moment of silence for the two students lost in the shoot out. Haseem’s cousin C and Drew’s boy Mike.
    After school Honey was on way her to pick up her sister’s from their dance class when a blue tinted hoopty pulled up on her. She ignored it and the car followed her until she got her sisters. Honey tried to take cuts home but the whip caught up with her on Itasca St. When it finally stopped Haseem and his sister along with Meka hopped out.
    Honey yelled to her sister’s to run home but Nikki, being bold, didn’t. Meka ran up on Honey and stole on her. After catching back her balance Honey grabbed her by her braids and was pounding her in her face. Then Haseem’s sister Donna, who was a lot bigger than Honey, grabbed her and threw her on the floor. Honey had skills but Haseem’s sister was a beast.
    She was kicking and stomping Honey in her ribs, until Nikki picked up a brick from someone’s yard and cracked it across Dona's head. Honey yelled watch out to her sister when Haseem was about to get her, but Nikki scatted on him.
    Haseem then grabbed up Honey, since the chicks wasn’t doing much, and he pistol whipped her with his 4 4 right after she stole him in his eye. She fell back down and curled up from that blow. They bounced and left her lying there. After a few minutes she got up and went home. Her grandmother wasn’t home and her sister’s were outside waiting.
    They went inside and Honey fixed herself up before nana came home from shopping. She made her sisters promise not to say anything. She lied to nana that she got hit in the face with a ball during gym. It wasn’t like it was the first time she came home with a black eye or bruise. But nana was so busy she sometimes didn’t even notice.
    Around 7 that night nana just left for work, and the girls were in their room they shared watching the Simpsons. Honey sat in her room waiting for Dae to finish his business and call her back. She didn’t tell him what happened and was afraid of what he’d say when he’d see her with a black eye. She knew if he found out it was Haseem, Haseem was as good as dead.
    Drew was in the basement where he slept talking to his girl Shantel about what was going on. They were talking about Mike and how it’s messed up he’s dead. They were drinking a pint of Barcardi ‘Limon and smoking blizzes back to back while listening to Pac. Then more heads came over and Drew sneaked them in. Honey was getting pissed from all the noise and Dae not calling her back. She felt tensed and left to go for a walk.
    She caught the corner store before it closed and bought a strawberry blunt. She rolled up the trees she snatched from Drew before she left. Not wanting to go to the park to run into anybody she chilled in a school yard in the cut. After smoking her blizz, as she was coming out the cut then Honey ran into three heads.
    She walked by with her head down since the dudes were old and Honey thought she didn’t know them. She kept walking until one of them yelled her name. “Kayla!” she turned around and it was Hassem, some dude, and, T who was an old g. Haseem whispered something to the dudes and they walked away.
    When Honey realized who it was she was out, but Haseem caught up to her and grabbed her. He was bent from drinking a 40 and half a pint of Southern Comfort. He dragged Honey to the cut where she had been blazing and started punching and smacking her.
    “Yeah b*** I’m a finish what Meka and my sister couldn’t.” Honey tried to scream but he’d just hit her harder. “Shut up!” he yelled. He threw her on the floor and straddled on top of her. Honey tried to kick and get Haseem off of her, but he seemed so strong.
    Then Haseem started trying to pull her jeans down and before she knew it he was trying to rape her. Honey started crying and pleading. “No get off of me!” she yelled. Haseem looked in her eyes and couldn’t do it. He let her go, and she ran her a** off tripping and all until she made it home.
    She entered her house quietly but Leah saw her sister all bruised up. “What happened to you?” “Nothing go to sleep!” she yelled. Honey went to sleep herself she was tired, tired of everything.
    A week later everything started calming down. To avoid seeing Haseem, Honey just stopped going to school. She lied to nana if the school called, or she’d catch the messages first. Instead of going to school Honey chilled with Dae everyday.
    She never told him or anybody about that night and lied about beefing with some chicks to explain her bruises. Dae asked for their names ready to blaze them up, females or not but she told him it was all gravy and that she folded the girls anyways.
    Dae lived in FairLawn with his older sister, and she and Honey got along just fine. Except when Honey and Dae ate her out of house and home. Honey herself was getting fat well she didn’t think so until Dae pointed it out while she was trying to squeeze into her jeans after they finished bunning. Since Honey wasn’t around her way much, and hadn’t seen Haseem since the night he tried to rape her, she felt a lot calmer yet seemed depressed. Drew also dropped out of school and stayed strapped since word was out that Haseem would blaze him at first sight.
    Drew wasn’t afraid of Haseem he had grown up around the hardest and craziest headz in the Pan. He used to get jump by the older dudes which helped him in the long run become an ill fighter. Drew use to run around vicking headz at the age of 13 like it was nothing. He tried stealing cars, but after a life threatening experience he had second thoughts about that. Drew had stolen a whip with Mike and an older ***** named Nate.
    They got into a high speed chase with jakes around three in the morning after Drew tried to steal a new Bima he had his eye on. He was going to bring it to the chop shop and get paid. But jakes brought Drew’s plans to a screeching halt and it was a miracle everybody survived that night. Drew had been flying down River Street at over 90 mph and crashed while trying to take a sharp left turn onto Cummins Highway.
    Drew had lost jakes a few blocks back, but after crashing he could hear the sirens coming closer. Drew was glad he had put on his seat belt or he would have flown right through the wind shield. Nate had been on the passenger side and was unconscious from bashing his head into the dash board when they crashed. Mike also was knocked out and ended up in front with Drew and Mike
    Drew forced himself out the car and tried to wake Mike and Nate up. Mike had waken up, but they ended up leaving Nate who was all bloody and too messed up to move. They ran down side streets and hopped fences until they reached around their way.
    They found out later that jakes bagged Nate but he only did half of a year in juvey. After that Drew gave up car jacking and stuck to pumping. So far he had managed to stay out of jail but it was only a matter of time before the streets would bring Drew down.

    To Dae Honey seemed always stressed and depressed so one Saturday, trying to cheer her up, he took Honey shopping. Honey was just happy to be spending time with Dae. They hardly ever went out since he was always working.
    After shopping they ate lunch at Chili’s. Honey had ordered her favorite country fried chicken but after a few bites couldn’t finish it. Dae who for someone so slim finished his plate and Honey’s. Later that day they drove back to his crib and blazed up a fifth while guzzing down some 211. Dae convinced Honey to try it and promised it would get her bent. It sure did, they were getting drunk while watching Belly.
    When Dae’s sister Simone came in with her man they were roasting Dae and Honey who were both bent and looked it. “Look at these little mutha ****” said Simone’s man Craig. He picked up one of the cans. “What the h*** is this?”
    “That’s the s*** what you know about that old g.” said Dae “youngen drink some of this, this is the s***” said Craig pulling out a half empty ten dollar bottle of erk and jerk.
    “What yo thaat s**** is whack, that’s bum juice” slurred out Dae. Honey just sat laughing at the two of them go back and forth about what get's you bent the most. Honey passed the blizz to Simone who was sitting on the arm of her couch also laughing at her man and brother talking, both of them bent. Honey got up from the couch to use the bathroom again. She hated how beer always’s made her pee a lot.
    She staggered back to the living room. Simone and Craig had gone in her room and shut the door behind them. She plopped down on the couch. “Baby I’m tooo bent let’s go outside it’s too hot in here” she said fanning her shirt. Dae got up and helped Honey back up.
    They went out on the patio and sparked a square. It was a warm beautiful night and Honey leaned over the railing looking up at the sky. She closed her eye’s enjoying the breeze. “Come here” said Dae snapping her back to reality.
    She went over to him where he was sitting in a metal chair and sat on his lap. He took his last pull and handed Honey her check. She inhaled the cigarette appreciating how good the menthol felt. She hardly smoked squares but when she drank there was nothing better then a Newport to balance it off.
    Dae started massaging her shoulder’s and kissing on her neck. The night was quiet besides the sounds of cars going up and down Cummins Highway. Also were the mix sounds of a Haitian, rap, and reggae music escaping neighbors porches and windows.
    “Dae do you love you me?” asked Honey. “What, what kind of question is that of course I do, do you love me?” Honey turned to face him. “Yeah I love you, I love you so much sometimes I can’t even think straight.” slurred Honey “Oh yeah” said Dae stroking her face and smiling.
    Honey stood up and flicked the butt over the patio. Dae slid back open the door and they went back inside. Honey collapsed on Dae’s bed with her face smothered in his pillow. Dae was playing with her, but she was too ****** up and didn’t respond. After a couple of minutes of trying to get Honey to have sex with him, Dae gave up and o.d.’d with her.
    Honey jumped up around 6 a.m. “Oh my god I have to get home before my grandmother get’s there.” Dae got up and looked at his alarm clock and laid back down. “It’s too early I’ll drop you off later.” he mumbled “Boy did you hear me my grandmother get’s home in less then an hour come on” she said tugging on his wife beater. “A’ight **** come on” said Dae sitting up and putting on his Tim’s.
    He dropped Honey off and told her to hit him up later. He told her that he had a surprise for her. Honey got her shopping bags out the trunk, kissed Dae bye, and went inside. Everyone was still in bed and Honey decided to hit the sheets to.
    Honey spent that afternoon throwing up. She tried to be dl with it but when she smelled nana frying up some fish she urled right in the hallway. “What’s wrong with you girl you pregnant?” asked nana as she watched Honey mopping up her mess.
    “No....” said Honey with her hand over her mouth trying to hold in the url. She waited until the feeling passed and continued. “No I was just drinking yesterday I am not pregnant nana.” “Um huh, well you don’t need to be drinking what’s wrong with you kids these day’s drinking them malt liquor and smoking that herb, you know that’s how your grand daddy died, I can’t remember one day he was ever sober.”
    Oh boy here we go thought Honey to herself. Nana sensed her resentment sucked her teeth and went back to cooking. Honey put the mop back and went to go brush her teeth and take a hot shower.
    Honey got dressed and drank the tea nana left for her on her night stand. She laid in her bed and dozed off. She was woken up by her pager vibrating on her dresser around 4:30 later that day. She looked at the number and smiled at the code 143 69 69. There was no number but she knew it was her booh. She called his celly and after three rings Dae picked up.
    “What up baby what’s the verdict?” asked Dae sounding mad happy. “Nothing I feel better now, but earlier I was urling and stuff.” said Honey “Oh yeah, what that’s that 211 or sumptin else?” asked Dae
    “Anyways It’s the 211 I’m not drinking that mess no more I thought I was gonna die last night.” “Aw my baby don’t feel good you want me to come by and give you some medicine.” “Shut up your so nasty.” “What I’m just playing with ‘cha, but on the real I gotta leave town for a few so before I dip I wanna see you remember I got a surprise for you.” said Dae “What is it?” asked Honey smiling “If I tell you it won’t be a surprise, so get ready I’m a be there in twenty a’ight.” “Yep” “One”
    Honey changed into one of the new outfits she brought, a cute sun dress from Newman Marcus, and unwrapped her hair. She told nana that she’d do her Sunday chores when she came back and went outside to wait for Dae. Drew was in the drive way with some of his boys from around the way. They had Drew’s little hoopty, that he was still trying to get on the road, bumping some Jadakiss. They were standing and siting around the whip burning it down.
    “Hey Kayla hit this, this some official.” said Drew handing her the blizz. She hit the blizz and chocked. They all laughed at her, they were already geeked. She gave Drew back the blizz after two more pulls, when she saw Dae’s Acura coming up the street. “**** don’t chuck my s***.” said Drew taking the blizz back. Dae pulled up in front of them.
    “What up D” said Dae getting out and giving Drew and his boys dap. “Nothing got this new fire my man’s letting me sample before I purchase.” “Oh yeah” said Dae taking the blizz Drew was passing. He inhaled sucked in some air.
    “A’ight a’ight this that green, green huh, hit me up when you get that.” “A’ight no doubt” said Drew taking back the blizz that was now a roach. “You ready” he said looking at Honey. She nodded yes and they hopped in the whip and peeled off.

    Dae drove through Milton then hopped on the I 93. “Where are we going?” “You’ll see” Dae took the Brockton exit then got off two exits after.
    He drove up some streets then stopped in front of Zane’s jewelry store. Honey started smiling “what’s here?” He turned the engine off. “Come on and find out.” he said getting out the whip. Honey looked up at the sky and saw a lot of clouds it looked like it was getting ready to rain.
    He held the door open and they entered the store. He signaled to a store clerk who was behind the display counter. He walked around and greeted them. “Hey buddy is this the special lady?” asked the little Arabian looking man. “Yeah you got that?” “Yes I’ll be right back.”
    The man came back with a black square box. He set it on the counter and opened it. Honey’s eyes lit up at the sparkling diamonds. He carefully lifted out a 4 carat princess cut diamond tennis bracelet. Also in the box were the matching hoop earrings and a matching 16 inch necklace. The necklace had a double heart pendent like the one Honey had seen on t.v.
    One day while her and Dae were chilling at his crib a commercial advertising jewelry had came on. She had mention wanting something like it but never imagined Dae actually purchasing one for her. She couldn’t stop smiling as the clerk started hyping about how good the jewelry was and that she was a very luck lady to be given it.
    “See now you can take off all that gold and rock real diamonds like your man.” said Dae smiling with pride. He helped her take off her ‘Honey’ necklace and put on the new one. Then she took out her big hoop earrings and put in the diamond one’s. The clerk held up a small mirror for her to see. “Don’t forget this” said Dae putting on the bracelet after taking off the bangles she was rocking. “Wait not this one.” she told Dae referring to one of the bracelets her mother had brought her. “Well let me see” said the clerk taking her wrist. “Is it 14 k I could probably make you a duplicate or add some diamonds in it.” Honey told him that it belonged to her mother who passed and that she wanted to leave it the way it was.
    But she told Dae to put it on her left hand so she could rock the tennis bracelet alone on her right. After dropping over 12g’s between Honey’s jewelry and a pinky ring for him they left the store iced up. Honey's eyes lit up when Dae pulled out his knott and sat there counting out every bill for the store clerk.
    “Thank you baby” said Honey for like the twentieth time. They were headed back to Boston and she couldn’t stop looking in the mirror. “Yeah you can’t say your man don’t take of you.” “Oh baby I know you do” she said looking at him with lust in her eye’s. She stared at his sexy lips and smooth skin. She was gassed over how good he looked.
    It had started raining and the sun was setting. She leaned over to give him some tongue. “Watch out baby” said Dae trying to keep his eye’s on the road and kiss her at the same time.
    “Just keep your eye’s on the road” said Honey then she leaned over and started playing with him. She felt his erection through his jeans and began unzipping his pants. Dae almost swerved into another car when Honey brought her mouth down to his tip.
    The car next to him honked it’s horn and gave him the finger. Dae didn’t care he was enjoying his shine and tried not to smash his whip. **** if that’s what it takes to get some head I should buy her jewelry more often thought Dae to himself.
    He relaxed back in his seat with one hand on the wheel and the other on Honey’s head. “Bump this” said Dae after a while. He pulled into an empty parking lot off of Houghton’s Pond Trail. He pushed his seat all the way back and instructed Honey to straddle him. He eased her onto to him and Honey got her ride on.
    She wrapped her arms around his neck. “Um baby I love you so much” moaned Honey “Yeah you love me huh, how much you love me baby, show me how much you love me” said Dae lifting up her shirt and stroking her back. “Ooh baby I’m gonna come” moaned Honey “Yeah come all over this d*** girl.” said Dae thrusting faster into her.
    “Make this @**** come for me, this is my @**** right?” “Uh huh” “Yeah you ain’t gonna let no one run up in this when I leave right?” she nodded breathing heavy as she started reaching her climax. “Yeah Dae here I come baby, ooh aaah uhnn” yelled Honey as she felt a shudder through her whole body. “Ooh girl aah ****” moaned Dae as he exploded inside her.
    They sat there catching their breaths for a few minutes. Honey laid her head down on him. “I don’t want you to leave.” she mumbled “Don’t worry I’ll be back before you even know it” said Dae stroking her hair. “Come on we gotta bounce before jake’s peep us.” he said lifting her up off of him.
    Dae drove Honey back to her crib and slipped her a couple of hundreds before kissing her bye.
    “I’ll page you when I get back a’ight.” he pulled off after watching her enter the crib safely. He didn’t like the idea of her rocking all that ice while he would be out of town and had told her not to wear it out until he got back. Dae headed straight to his boy’s Ant’s crib it was after eight and they were suppose to have met up at seven thirty.
    “Took you long” enough huffed Ant to Dae while hopping in his whip. “Yeah, yeah just hurry your big a** up.” He watched his slightly over weight best friend, Anthony since elementary, squeeze in his whip. “A’ight drive to the spot so we can drop this piece of junk off.” he order.
    They drove to an auto shop and met up with their boyz Rik along with P and Shizz. They discussed the details of their drive out to Philly while removing the front bumper of the rented Altima and placing kilo’s inside behind the lights.
    As Dae and Ant pulled out of the garage Rik, P, and Shizz watched thinking how they had no idea what was gonna happen to them when they reached Philly.
    Honey laid in her bed thinking of Dae while playing with her new pendent. She closed her eye’s and was at the park where she met Dae. He was running ball while she sat on the bench watching.
    He had on all white, and she became wet as she watched his smooth brown skin move around the court. He was dunking on headz crossing them up, and breaking ankles. After slam dunking his last shot he called game. He hopped down from the hoop where he was hanging and started clowning the defeated team.
    “What, y'all can’t see my skillz” said Dae then he looked at Honey and blew her a kiss. He didn’t see, one of the dude’s whip out his worm and point it at him, but she did. Honey tried to yell and warn him but her voice was gone, everything was in slow motion. Her body felt heavy and she couldn’t get up from her seat.
    It was dead silent except for the sound the dudes 38 revolver being clocked back. He pulled the trigger holding it down and let loose eight shots into Dae’s back. Honey mouthed the words “nooo” but no sound came out. She watched in agony as Dae’s body hit the pavement. His clothes were no longer white, they were now drenched with his blood.
    The dude who shot him started laughing and Honey stared at his face, it was Haseem. His maniacal laughs were piercing her ears. His face began to morph into one of a demons. He looked at her with horns sticking out of his head and called her name with a deep evil sounding voice. She heard a loud ringing sound.
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    O' my my my this getting deep and good i taste the lines connecting
    bring on pt.3 i know it's more wow tyte story indeed