Black Poetry : Through The Flames

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    the devil is a trickster can't find him in Twisted Sister

    sorry that I missed her aim to fame was through the flames

    eating Cheetos got your juice frozen got thoughts of the ocean

    sifting through the latest trends some may offend

    but I like to stick like glue for what's new with you stirring the sauce Ragu

    still I'm on top try to bother my followers going squeeky clean

    cruising in my fast machine in the music scene

    my raps someday will be on top just like the famed Fetty Wap

    Scareface The Diary is dead inside of me but inspires me

    fulfilling my legacy boogy down to the socks just like Samantha Fox

    tender words as if you never heard...

    How does one base their reality when thoughts are still deep inside of me

    we need to read between the lines settle the score by paying our fines

    some suckers can kiss my behind cause all they want to do is ***** & whine

    just like Kool and the Game I'm still dropping flames

    falling back on that *** no one in this life gets by on any free pass

    have a tendency to over react got to settle in won't you be my friend

    so keep ya head up critics need to shut up I'm the bounce for the ounce with the hour of power...

    Suckers want to beat me why I go pee pee

    still got bars at 47 it's not a one stop shopping event at your local seven eleven

    don't ever toss in the towel wear your head ten feet tall

    cause we got a know it all for president he is the fallen resident

    working on that freakin wall got to get a hold of himself or put that book right back on the shelf..

    surfing Twitter like a Keebler elf but he should no better cause Mr. Bones himself wore his sweater.