Black Poetry : Through Space & Time

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    light the lamp that holds my heart to frolic in the given ambiance

    beautiful personifications of love fresh from up above transcends

    columns of pillars alligned in vast formation sets a heart a glow

    the visitation of angelic footsteps aligned at heaven's door to explore so much more

    inside there may be a sinister mess I must clearly confess my heart string unplugged

    we can smile at the moment of each visitation alone in the solace in the zone

    Apathy comes sit next to me like quick cement type of a chemistry learn to agree

    falling leaves out in the backyard with a given sense of urgency to be set free

    a kiss or two from a loved on dashed in your memory to help you express togetherness

    it's quite more then sex appeal to deal with the very notion of love from the hand up above

    nestled in the portal aloft the virgence of togetherness will claim our eqated logic

    fast approaching feelings left swept underneath the bed fought back the feelings

    throughout space and time we can claim our position with a quick dash haste of promises

    we each need to go through a safe corridor with great news in which to explore

    the ceiling on the patio door needs work to help a stranger in need grasp the pain

    let me explain the news of tommorow should be stated alone today we pray