Black Poetry : Thrill with attitude but why man kill for food and not a soda

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    Thrill with attitude but why man kill for food and not a soda

    pop? My brain’s motor locked on this saying so like Yoda

    I’m on course with the force, proceed needing a speed reading

    Class in the suburbs so I can be fast with words heed and feeding

    Microphones about cataclysm and realism, put my Ebonics on toast

    like economic growth it rise to the top and surprise a lot of folks coast

    to coast for the most part they roast hearts with HIPHOP by design

    quick to rhyme met a chick online it was clever to chase it the best

    I ever tasted never could replace it now my brain is lame and in stress

    Sweaty and ready to touch a love situation with much hugs and

    Consideration in a twitter relation some folks tweet their meat plan

    A Date for some cake, in Japan no doubt it’s pizza but without

    A Visa can’t travel there, real quotes deal with folks yeah about

    to dispatch vapors fast and use a match on papers that are trash

    trapped and renown and like RAP BROWN burn baby Burn to ash

    Write hotter rhymes when the proper time arrives design

    Archives to be placed in Jarassic park this classic art will find

    Itself being printed and rented, see pure but my visions premature

    Not sure about some folks they come with dumb quotes no cures

    Can’t grasp stuff with brains no class just lame and try hold you

    Down I’m told clowns like this do exist must duck or get slewed

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    man been there a time or two myself ....tyte scribe !!!