Black Poetry : three times a Donkey

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    Three Times A Donkey: Don’t take the mule’s ride

    By Andre Austin

    I was never defeated or conquered by the cross of Constantine

    I knew the truth of Christianity, by character assassination they try to Quarantine

    But even if I die and get choked by a Violin’s cord

    I will still live in outer-space of the internet with a bond to my word

    Many people want the truth and hear what it has to say

    Don’t be distracted by false claims of gay

    The Census reports that the anointed was born in manger box of hay

    For Horses, donkeys and mules in famine should receive a 80 $ Shekels pay (2 Kings 6:25)

    1 Shekel =4 $ Denarii add up the money

    320 denarii is a years pay in Mark please pin the tail on the Donkey

    Which equals the same anointing pay from Mark 14 verse five

    When Mr. Ed (Master of Teaching) talks for real with no jive (2 Peter 2:16)

    Was Judas kiss from a scorpion or a Colt 45 (Gen 49:14 & Mark 14:44-45)

    You see you beat your talking Donkey at least three times (Numbers 22:33)

    So that your Peter (Donkey) can upload the cross and ring his Rooster Chime

    The crowing is a symbol of his military defeat from a Roman’s time

    Now you gonna take a ride on my Foal 69 cuz someone dropped a dime

    Because I warned you once and Twice and three now your on the Cross

    Now for a surety that Vespasian, Titus and Domitian was the Gospel’s boss

    They were the evil Master/Lord/God known as Chrestos

    With their swords on your bare necks they floss

    They turned your religion out and from the bottom and on the upside

    All those in fear lacking hope sing their chorus of: “Let me ride”

    See your King comes to you

    Righteous and having salvation

    Gentle and riding on a donkey (Gold),

    On a Colt (Silver), the foal (Lead) of a donkey (Zech 9:9 also Luke 19:29-35)

    When your born by a box of hay from a Donkey (Luke 2:12

    Then you will die the same way if u got the typological key

    Don’t get caught up in the yoke of the Yule tide (Matthew 11:30/Genesis 49:11)

    Because when the gagsters cash out you take a one-way ride (Mathew 21:2-5)

    For a Star came out for Saturn the Wasp said he should Rule

    So he kicked the Jewish one like he was a Mule

    Then had a Christmas he coded up with the Yule

    Don’t go the way of Do Do bird or the Jack-*** or those dwelling in Thule

    The story gets deeper and deeper and a little bit stranger

    He wasn’t born from Decius mundus was he a man or a mouse

    The clue is in the Census of livestock plus another one in the manger (Luke chapter 2)

    Donkeys are left @ the O-Kay Corral and never allowed in a house

    Then the miracle of the conception being the mule was sterile as Lead

    Or just like a talking Donkey coming up from the Dead

    The ancient Roman would satire Messianic leadership, ridicule where you’re born

    Then liken you to Donkeys because the animal is stubborn

    So you get beat like them as you thrash their corn (John 12:23)

    This is the genesis of their mockery and scorn

    Then with the resurrection coming on a coffin like Popcorn

    If Caesar can’t bribe you or bring you to a hire

    He will turn you into a Eunuch and prune you away from a sire

    Then you will get cremated in a big *** bonfire

    Compliments of Titus “the son of a mule driver”

    Then he turns a God of Gold into Satan, a red donkey with a Tan

    That was mythology of Egypt I still see a trinity of the white man

    And the truth will spoil their plan

    With wisdom we put all the worms back in their can

    And then you can eat it, pretend its Italian spaghetti, gas up with a fan

    Then you will know the miracle of his birth liken to a sterile mule

    The same with Elizabeth was barren and her Baptist’s eggs were choked

    That’s the case of the festival of what Roman’s called the Yule

    Black comedy was at its highest can u dig and get the Yoke

    Christ’s 1.birth, and 3.death all associated with a donkey, can’t push it to the side

    The goals of the Romans was to dehumanized and take away the pride

    The truth of the matter you just can’t hide

    He was 3 x’s time a Donkey, was the movement of the tide

    And Just because the rims glitters doesn’t mean u should ride