Brother AACOOLDRE : Threats to Black Education

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    By Andre Austin

    Two big threats to black peoples education is Dysgenics and Eugenics which go hand and hand. Racism and white supremacy is practicing a form of containment in the black community. Whites have recessive genes and if the mix with people of color they eliminate themselves as Psychiatrist Francis Cress Welsing has documented. Their objective is to make the Black Super-sperm less potent and effective. The Black community is a colony with no control over its own education, politics and economy.

    Dysgenics is down breeding a retrogression of human genes. Its solution is voluntary sterilization or wide scale abortion being advocated by groups like Planned Parenthood who have Eugenic links with Nazi Germany. Blacks abort more than a million fetuses per year=self-destruction.

    Eugenics is the control of human mating and of hereditary qualities of a race or breed. The lynching all begins in the schools to paraphrase the trailblazing Educator Carter G. Woodson. The person who developed the SAT test for high school students was a fierce advocate of Eugenics.

    Testing is designed to exclude not include people from opportunities without having to wear the mask of Jim Crow. The SAT test and others usages of their tricknology of language that results in African-Americans being in a economic spider trap. If I ask you on a test about somebody being elated instead of being happy some of the inner city kids will miss it because elated isn’t a term being used in their household. So whats the solution? The solution is to contain the number 1 public enemy to Reading skills which is Cell phones, video games, and TV.Unfortunately teachers sabotage this by allowing electronic devises. Being a substitute teacher I’ve always encourage black students to step up their horizon on their reading skills with some of my short stories, essays and poems that would interest them.

    Teachers expectation is #1 factor in a students learning no matter the home environment. They don’t want you to know this because they want you to blame yourself. But if they bought into Dysgenics and Eugenics they will not waste their time trying to drill you with Shakespeare or Algebraic equations. A Hitler quote on blacks would be an appropriate time to highlight:

    “It is criminal lunacy to keep drilling a born half-ape until people think they have made a lawyer out of him” (Mein Kampf p.430)

    [So when whites see a Gorilla with a black 3 year old they see no threat at all but that the baby has fallen in back home in the arms of where he/she should be]

    What they will do is send you out with economic referrals to Special Education programs that generate more money for the school. They will also send them out with an economic referral for a diagnosis for ADD or ADHD. They added in the H for Hyperactivity because there is a “Be cool” pill for that generating 30 billion a year on Wall Street for the Pharmaceutical Cartels.

    Black people have to get hip to the system real quick and not just “Know Thy Self” but Know thy enemy and be as wise as serpents. Be like Malcolm X who read the entire dictionary and copied it down to boost up his language skills. Know the game so that you don’t get put out of it by their Misseducation. Then maybe we can tackle and bridge that 15 point gap on the IQ test they are using as data to genetically suppress and contain the Black Super-Sperm they feel is a Super-germ to their genetic survival or extinction.

    Notes: The late Dr. Welsing once said: “As long as the genetic material from the black male is spilling on the ground (or massive scale abortion) from castration white can remain white as snow” The Isis papers p 69. Its no accident Isis is now associated with Terrorism by the media when Isis was once associated with Mary/Isis Horus/Jesus sucking from her breast on statues.

    The attack on blacks through Dysgenics and Eugenics has other Octopus tentacles in:

    1. Entertainment (Music/Movies) where blacks are coons who stay in their place

    2. Labor last hired first fired

    3. Law ( its Just-us with selective prosecution)

    4. Politics (our so-called leaders serve Corporate interest)

    5. Religion (promotes slavery and enduring colonization)

    6. Sex

    7. Education ( we go to school to get self-esteem put sent home feeling inferior)

    8. Economics

    9. War (we don’t fight for democracy but for corporations)

    10. Media refuse to shine the light on the truth

    11. Sports ( College plantation in B-Ball and football)

    12. Medicine

    13. Food

    I could go on and on