Black Poetry : Threat

Desert Storm

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Mar 31, 2001

You pursue me


it's not a threat

it's not a sweat

if your sweating me like that

because i don't forget

And I'll wait

Just not yet

My heart ache's

Because you begat

That cycle

And I'm withdrawing

From your vicious and vile


Seemed so overwhelmed

And I can't get you

Out of my mind

And heart

And soul

The beauty of it all

And I can't think or worry at all

I just tip toe

Late at night

At my new friends home

So you don't see me crying....

I can't bare to take it


At the same time

And my mind is racing

And my imagination is

Getting the best of me

All these relations

But nobody really knows me

Just physical battles

And my heart and body aren't connecting

Because I feel you so deerly


And I'm objecting

I'm refusing

So involuntarily

By the way he said his name was Terry

But I'm guessing it dosn't make a difference

My eyes

Don't lie

And my smile

Defies my spiritual

I'm tempted

And elated with sadness

I feel empty

When I feel gladness

Somebody rescue me

From this madness

I can only turn to you

To quit this habit

Like and addict

And addiction

Although I try to stop and listen

I can't wait till I can communicate with you

Just what happened

Because this moment is everlasting

And I'm pretending

To be fine

But underneathe the smile

Is constant cries

I realize that I have

To just try

To be honest

But being honest

Poses a question

And it's threat

The lasting effects of your emotions

And I have to live with it

And I can't deal with it

I'm facing some decision making

And it all starts and end with me

I don't give a crap!

I'm tapped out

And you can't believe what's happening to me now

Why is it so silent

When it's so loud


My security

You're just a threat to me .....

Desert Storm


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