Black People : Thoughts to Toy With

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    I'd like to share a few quotes out of Frank Herbert's _Whipping Star_ that just kinda set me to pondering. (I think that it is this proclivity for "pondering" that has kept me "estranged" from NorthAmerican Africans for my entire life ... except for Mom, but even while helping me to "bear up under", she still suggested that I "keep my head down" ... I've felt like "A Nation Of One" ever since she left us in April of 2004. "Slippin' Into Darkness": It's demned lonely out here!)

    "...guilty of a felony by criminal neglect in its failure to prevent a felony being committed."

    "...collective responsibility in the consequences of unlawful and wrongful acts committed by its agents in peruance of the authority permitted them."

    (drug dealing to bust drug dealers; cops "soliciting" sex for the purpose of busting patrons of sexual solicitors; ignoring all laws in the "interests" of "securing/protecting" our borders.)

    "It is because you speak to me that I do not believe in you."

    "Where is the weapon with which I enforce your bondage? You give it to me every time you open your mouth."

    (all these years that "they" have "kept us" where we are and we're still trying to "demand/ask" for relief/reparations ...)

    "Learning a language represents training in the delusions of that language."

    "Delusions demand reflex reactions (as though they were autonomic reactions) where doubts and questioning not only aren't required, but are actively resisted."

    ("oppressors", "invaders" are words that convey the delusion that "they" have the power to hold one back. In our case, I'd suggest substitutions for these words: "parasitic infestations" first by "sand fleas" driving us out of the Norhtern half of our Nation (2500 years), and then by "lice" "white washing" us into "their" labels of "black"(2500 years) "african american"(400 years) "african british", etc.

    Further to the "delusion of language": Once one has been infested by parasites, those parasites do their best to stamp out one's culture, identity, self. While this is necessary to maintain "control" of those infested, too aggressive a stomping eliminates the ability to gain any "productive" labor. To this end, there must be seen to be the "delusion" of "underground resistance". This resistance, while fully within the realms of also being "stomped", gives the illusion of maintaing some bits of one's "self". By not only allowing this to continue, but, in being seen to be "magnimonious" by "conceding" the existence of this illusion and adopting carefully selected portions of the "underground", one is able to shape the direction of the infestee's future. Such a "portion" might have been the usage of the word "kemet" and referring to the people as "kemetians" long enough for the people themselves to adopt the phrase "with pride", and fighting each other to hang onto the label of "black people" instead of African.

    I would also consider the aphorism that "history is written by the victors". As such, IMO, any actual "ourstory" would have been long "written over" by the infestation of "sand fleas". I don't think any actual "ourstory" was ever actually written down, BY US. Our history would be found in oral histories carried by any possibly remaining Ancient African Nations. And, I would think that it would be more properly referred to as "pre-historic"; that is previous to any written history, such as "Ancient Egyptian history": Is "Ancient Egypt" African or Arabian?)

    "Delusions demand reflex reactions (as though they were autonomic reactions) where doubts and questioning not only aren't required, but are actively resisted."

    "as i sit here in my four cornered room, i can feel all y'all's deepest emotions.
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    City, Country, City; Beetles in a Bog; The World Is A Ghetto - I think my neighbors are gonna get pissed; I've been bumpin this one for the last two days - HARD! And it just resonates so completely!! (extended original of Atomic Dog as I submit this and check back out again. bye, y'all!)

    "many things on my mind; words in the way" ...
    "Thank You For Talking To Me, Africa!"

    One last bit from Whipping Star:

    "it's a belief ... that all love is a form of self-preservation ... it's a probability that [I've] never been overly concerned about self-preservation, thus have never really loved."

    (<shrug> why should i be? when this particular piece of Existence/Nature finally "kicks the bucket", Existence/Nature will continue. while here, i can enjoy the experience and hopefully brighten up some corner of it for some little bit of "time". but the bigger "I" will continue ... as long as them danged "lice" don't get too carried away fighting the "sand fleas" and drop a nuke into an oil field and break the planet or something!)