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    I've been thinking and wondering about how we think of outselves as people. And are those thoughts accurate? We might think of ourselves in ways that are unrealistic. That statement swings both ways. Some people tell me that I'm a really good writer. I don't think so however. I think I'm average at best. What are these people seeing that I am not seeing? And is it possible that they see more about me that I'm not aware of? I have a friend who always claims that it doesn't matter what other people think about her, as long as she thinks positive of herself. But is that blindness? Could we think of ourselves so highly that we are unaware of the person that we really portray. Is it possible that we don't see ourselves as worthy but in actuality we are great. I've been wondering about that for sometime. Is the world's preception of you as important, more important, or less important of what you think about yourself? Some people think they are generous and giving when the reality is that they are selfish. And when comfronted with that reality they deny it. Are they living in some kind of fantasy world? As a man, I know that I've judged people on their actions. I've judged them on how they treat others and how they treat themselves. But does my opinion really matter? Does anyone's opinion of another really matter?
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    this two way street here ......
    it's true that one should see self as top of the line pose to
    what the next might see or think but it's also we do hold
    what others see or think about us as a whole
    let me say that when it come to writting we trend to be our
    worse enemy or crited to what u write as it's laid out for
    the view of others thoughts , vision or feelings on it and
    what they see in it you may see or never see it because
    it's you the creator of the creation at hand
    my view of myself as a poet a writter i feel my work is not
    ready yet but others say wow!! or how great it is when all
    i did was create a flow from my mental & vision wit feelings
    do this make it great or the way it was pose'd to the reader
    and not myself those question i ask my self and the answers
    always within i look at the man in the mirror and see me as
    who i am and what i am nothing more or less as a poet /writter
    it's a craft each person hold in there grasp that they present
    well surely a poet know a nother poet as a writter what they
    see we will never see because what i see in you will never be
    seen by another as i person of my own vision as i read into
    a writters work of art/craft or creation the penmenship reach
    readers differently to the feeling or emotion
    but i see myself as a poet/writter and feel like a poet/writter
    and i try hard to act as one
    yes others opinions matter to me this what makes me
    continue but not judge by my art
    but the opinion i see self matters as well this also make
    we work harder for perfection
    nice topic to really drive in ...