Black People : Thought Provoking Excerpt from John Sayles "Sunshine State"

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    From the maker of "The Secaucus 7" and "Brother from Another Planet"

    In this scene, a young African-American man walking on the beach in Florida is invited by an older African-American man to a public meeting about the future of the beach.

    DR. LLOYD: Prettiest beach on the Atlantic Coast.

    REGGIE PERRY: Yeah. It is pretty.

    DR. LLOYD: Well, if you want to help save it, we’re having a protest rally on Monday over at the groundbreaking.

    REGGIE PERRY: I’m just visiting.

    DR. LLOYD: Believe me, they won’t know the difference.

    REGGIE PERRY: So, this is like a ecological thing?

    DR. LLOYD: We’re trying to save an endangered species: us.

    REGGIE PERRY: Yeah, I heard about this place when I was a kid, but I never—

    DR. LLOYD: Forties, '50s, Lincoln Beach was it. Only oceanfront in three counties we were allowed to step onto. Black folks—I'm talking about the pillars of the community—got together and bought this land, built the houses. You drive through a couple hundred miles of redneck sheriffs, park your ride on the boardwalk, step out and just breathe. Over there was Henry’s Lounge. That place used to jump.

    REGGIE PERRY: So what happened?

    DR. LLOYD: Civil rights happened. Progress. Used to be you’re black, you buy black. Jim Crow days, you need your shoes shined or wanted to ride in a taxi to the train station, wanted some ribs, fish sandwich, chances are a black man owned the place you got it in. Now the drive-throughs serve anybody. But who owns them? Not us. All our people does is wearing paper hats and dipping out them fries. Only thing we got left are funeral parlors and barbershops.

    REGGIE PERRY: Yeah, but now we can do anything.

    DR. LLOYD: Yeah. Them that get over do fine. Them that can’t are in a world of trouble.