Quiet Poetry Lounge : Thought Better (part II of Words Thought Inward)

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    17, 11th grade at GPHS
    Houston, Texas
    So you like those words thought inward,
    That wasn’t even the splinter.
    For days pass so slowly and carefree,
    Like my breath—the breeze.
    Sudden moments of incite,
    Cause you to fall to your knees.
    Oh now—you believe,
    And look for hopefully unclaimed mercies.
    But that well ran dry,
    And your only cleansing comes from the sky.
    Where you can’t reach it,
    Because only when you want it—do you want to receive it.
    That’s not wanting mercy—that’s being selfish,
    You trap yourself in like a shellfish.
    Wanting the world out and your prized possession in,
    You think that’s real—come again.
    Take off your prada patches,
    And your Gucci purses.
    And feel the way of the world,
    When hurt is really hurting.
    And not just a cut from a piece of paper,
    Or a hole ripped in your brand new gators.
    Step down off that pedestal,,
    And put down those fancy words spoken in terms of medical.
    Look in the mirror,
    What do you see?
    Surprised and shocked,
    Yeah—you just like me!
    Human--after all your accomplishments and degrees,
    All torn away—you stand helplessly.
    But you still thinking you’re higher,
    Hanging by a thread—no wire.
    Bold face,
    99 out of 100 liars.
    Mustard colored clothes,
    I wonder why you wear those.
    Symbolistic is it not,
    You are what you on—got.
    Pillow not fluffy,
    Not enough buses.
    To crave your craving for the beauty of a flowers seed,
    You got something—but is it what you need?
    Let me repeat,
    You got something—but is it what you need?
    Hearing the wheels in your head turning,
    A passion so deep—remaining whole—yet burning.
    Can’t satisfy,
    Or simplify.
    Only 7 times 77 in a day multiply,
    That there’s no one answer to why.
    Why interviews are personally selected,
    Or that human faults are always resurrected.
    A world caught between mischief and clothes,
    Don’t we all put on a beautiful show?
    Cause we’re only playing,
    Never fully doing what we’re saying.
    Promises made are quickly broken,
    Flaunting your BMW—but got bus tokens.
    Shoot—hell must be frozen,
    Your riding with people like us—you gotta be joking.
    So your knees can bend,
    And emotions do blend.
    Here’s a hand I’ll lend,
    Whoops—too quickly I called you a friend.
    Bottoms out of my seat,
    You must really wanna be in my shoes—foir all I have is socks on my feet.
    Truth for you is too discreet,
    And truth in you is obsolete.
    Human machine,
    Just like Adam and Eve malfunctioning.
    Buttons pushed,
    Fall over the edge.
    Trapped thoughts an what ifs,
    Locked in your head.
    Protesting that the homeless,
    Need to be feed.
    But in fine print,
    2-dollar dues are read.
    So busy wanting profit,
    For an unworthy organization.
    That throughout all your exaggeration,
    You only lead to more frustration.
    And real folks needing welfare,
    Still in line waiting.
    While you and your briefcase friends,
    Are debating.
    If what reality shows you,
    Is the real situation.
    Dressed all nice,
    No shoes are worn twice,
    And you thinking your rules are right.
    Shadows talking,
    While your walking.
    Not for the truth,
    But for lies—you’re the #1 stalker.
    Blinded by the cripple,
    Taking life simple.
    Gone head and bust that pimple,
    So we can see your dimple.
    Mask be removed,
    Bullies continue to be crude.
    Death 1 million for today appearing on the news,
    And the faint hearted being overruled.
    Did you see that bird pass by,
    It’s so—why’s you shoot it down from the sky?
    Greedy dingbat,
    You fridge is running over.
    Your heart is an icebox,
    Every time its not opened it gets colder.
    Everything can’t be owned,
    Not alone!
    Teddy bear in your arms trying to be comforting,
    But you’re wrestling it and smothering.
    Not the bear—but yourself,
    You’re seeking it—but you want no help.
    Your parents did wrong,
    They spare d the belt.
    Now the streets doing what your parents couldn’t,
    And what you hoped they wouldn’t.
    My backs turned to your cry,
    How much pain can you endure for 1 lie?
    Paper cup thrown down,
    No recycling in this town.
    Just recycling of crack,
    That if found—fingers point to the blacks.
    Mama shushing her baby,
    It works maybe.
    But cars can’t hear it,
    Or do they fear it.
    For Mama’s just in rollers and a muumuu,
    Yeah—she’s talking—hey—yoo-hoo!
    There’s no cotton in your ears,
    You’re just straining not to hear.
    A nickel is dropped,
    And you’re running for it.
    Yet you can’t hear this,
    Jelly beans—you’re just trying to ignore it.
    Lighting bolts,
    Numerous occults.
    Butterflies in checkers,
    Blessings being cursed because of the mottos lesson.
    Cast out vines,
    To the subtle mind.
    Where roots and love intertwine,
    In time.
    In time,
    In time…
    How much is left,
    Can you slow down the rest?
    Bet you’d try—cause your stingy,
    Humph—if you could—you probably wouldn’t share any.
    But still—still—still reading all creamed,
    Fighting to make half salted steak pork-n-beans.
    You look and then go achoo all the way down to your knees,
    And to frauds,
    This dose causes allergies,
    And guess what———you sneezed........ :darts:
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    BUSINESS owner
    on point the target str8 hit here flow head on
    i like dis.........
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    I am so feelin the part about the fakers and the people who only value money. Specially like these lines:

    You fridge is running over.
    Your heart is an icebox,
    Every time its not opened it gets colder.

    Sister, this is awesome - truly great.
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    As many differences pull us apart, so many similarities draw us together that can't be ignored. Time to get over self and realize the same boat that we're in. Loved this intense flow poet.
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    I go to school
    Houston Texas

    Sis, you did it again! Glad to see you back and let me say don't go no where else because your Poetry is beautiful. You had Part 1 on point and then you dropped Part 2 and brought it on home!!!! And I appreciate you so much for it Sis you know your words touch me everytime. Oh yeah, and don't think I have forgotten about you "Chocolate Jello" coming soon... (smile)
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    The Lone-Star State
    You Been Served

    Part II imparts the low-down on smiling faces everywhere...

    Excellent work poet! :flowers:
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    17, 11th grade at GPHS
    Houston, Texas
    thank you look for more styles like this, but next i'm gonna hit ya'll with a lil fire and brimestone...........'preciate the love, i really do.........peace