Black People : Though "Tall" describes me physically, it does not unify me Socio-Politically with Tall people.


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Nov 2, 2009
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The subject of this thread is based on a status message I posted a
while back to which Destee responded, "I'd like to see a thread about this".
Pulling this through an Ethno-american lens, the subject becomes:

Is "Black" a real basis for socio-political unity?

And if it is:
  • 1. How should we handle reconciling the dynamic between Ethnic-identity (ie.. "Blackness", "Whiteness", "___-ness") and National-identity (American-ness, British-ness, ____-ness)?
  • 2. What do you do with those the ones that do not fall in line with the collective?



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Jun 7, 2016
I dont see a conflict between ethnicity and nationality. Nationality is simply where you reside or have citizenship. Ethnicity is your culture. "Black" is something I would define as more of a collective term like pan-African.

For those that you/we would consider Black but dont consider themselves Black, let them be. Personally I do not want a reluctant player on my team. I want someone that identifies with me and will work towards the same goals. There are many (Black) people that consider themselves everything but Black. Most of the time I notice it comes from a desire to disassociate themselves from something the people they admire or wish to emulate looks at negatively.

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