Destee's Thoughts Those Who Say Kill (White) People ... or Break Laws ... Look Like Agent Provocateurs

Jan 22, 2001
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Peace and Blessings Family,

Every now and then, this topic comes up, and i saw it being discussed again .. someone suggesting we should kill white people.

Rather than post there, i thought i'd bring this thread back up, for those thinking of following such directions from anyone.

Love You!



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Jan 14, 2006
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I wonder if "killing white people" also includes those with the One-drop........
Good question. Here was the first response to the initial post of this thread.

Excellent questions. And in addition to those questions I'd like to know how would you go about determining which people are white people and which people are not?

If you're gonna kill somebody or tell someone else to kill somebody you'd better know, beyond a shadow of doubt, that the person you're talking about, that needs to be dead, is who you say they are. So how do you know?


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Apr 21, 2007
Good question. Here was the first response to the initial post of this thread.
I mean now of days ALMOST everyone has some sort white blood in them, especially if they are African-American.

I kind of take offense to how some folks treat other mixed races and how they categorize them in the "white" category.

My daughter has white in her, her grandmother is white and black. So would my daughter be in that group of people that must be killed?
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