Destee's Thoughts Those Who Say Kill (White) People ... or Break Laws ... Look Like Agent Provocateurs

Josh Wickett

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Feb 27, 2008
Excellent questions. And in addition to those questions I'd like to know how would you go about determining which people are white people and which people are not?

If you're gonna kill somebody or tell someone else to kill somebody you'd better know, beyond a shadow of doubt, that the person you're talking about, that needs to be dead, is who you say they are. So how do you know?


"oops, sorry Cathy Hughes, my bad"


"oops, sorry Alicia Keys, I forgot my glasses"


"oops, sorry Mariah, it was rainin... my bad"


"oops, sorry Tyra, those blond locks confused me, my bad"



Dec 3, 2007
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is it healthy that any expression of hate, anger or even dislike that a black man makes is immediately met with disdain by the black woman?

what are the mental health effects of having ones anger always repressed?

just how are we to over throw the system of white supremacy if we cannot even be angry about it?
we cannot be angry. we cannot hate. what, then, is our motivation?

are we gonna love them to death? how has that been working for us?

Brother James:

what is so healthy about expressing hate which makes you feel like seeing mass murder?

You meet with disdain from the sisters because you always telling us why "we don't have a good man"...

yes, you seem to be a good man.... I applaud your efforts in getting a man who beats on women up offa her.... trust me if I was that woman I would want you to be my hero...

but I think you have to ask yourself the same question..... why so the sisters show this discomfort in your approach... well... because it's non-sense....

you seem to be rather cranky and angry.... anger can be a great emotion.. but don't use it to always knock down.....

you challenged me at an earlier time to use my talent to do something positive and uplifting.. I accepted that challenge... but I extend the same to you.....

stop using the term "hate" so loosely..... it is a really serious word, and has really serious effects....

as we can see by simply looking around....

and no we won't love the "enemy" to death... but are you going to "hate" them to death?

Sister Destee:

Hi... :)

I always feel so honored to get a chance to speak with you..... one love......
and thank you again for our community......


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Mar 4, 2008
We need Balance in our system

Peace and Blessings Family,

I've heard such phrases tossed about, with no sense of responsibility, to the young and impressionable minds that may be reading.

When i read or hear such foolishness, usually from Elder Black Men, the first question that comes to my mind, is how many have you killed? You see such people most every day, yet you have not killed all that have crossed your path? If you have killed any, how do you determine which ones live and which ones die? How have you stayed free and alive, to post on a discussion forum?

If you are bold enough to encourage this, in the open, then you should be bold enough to answer some questions, in the open.

How many of these people have you killed, while you encourage our youth to do the same?!

Tell me please ... how many??!!

How can you do this to our own babies, when you can't protect them from the consequences that are sure to come!? How can you do this?!!!

Our babies are already killing each other, already locked up in prison for spitting on the side walk ... and you have done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to stop it!

You are not prepared to pay the costs for them, to get them out of this thing you are putting them in ... a place where you yourself are not willing to go ... but you plant these seeds as though you have a garden full of such!

But you don't ... you only tell them to kill.

To all the babies ... young people ... young Black Men and Women ... who may ever read or hear such a thing ... if someone is suggesting that you or others kill ... follow the logic ... and ask them ... how many have they killed.

If you're going to follow someone ... do what another says ... make sure they've already walked that road, and can help you navigate through it, and come out on the other side without spot or blemish!


Thank you Destee! Thank you for your encouraging words concerning some of our young and elderly brothers to wise up, and stop sending the wrong indirect messages to our beautiful black youths.

I agree with Muhammad Ali words on this matter concerning racism.

"Hating people because of their color is wrong. And it doesn't matter which color does the hating. It's just plain wrong."
Muhammad Ali

Jan 22, 2001
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Thank you Destee! Thank you for your encouraging words concerning some of our young and elderly brothers to wise up, and stop sending the wrong indirect messages to our beautiful black youths.
Brother MysteryDoors ... thank you ... whew!

I was beginning to think that maybe i'm the only one that sees this!

Or worse yet, no Brothers (other than Brother Edward Williams) could agree with me, because it's coming from a Sister.

Thank You Brother MysteryDoors ... :bowdown:


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