Black People : This white man; can teach nothing of God's ever-presence

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    Slavery is a (cornering) felony... Slavery is "the education" that multi-dimensionally teaches you to be one... Slavery is that you lost "the war" became a slave and no longer see a need in fighting anymore... Slavery is a racist bred (hip-hop) Thug ***** and/or a desperate **** whore with bastard mouths to feed... Slavery is Christianity, Islam and/or Judaism and their doctrines as well; look at what the ***** calls "god"... Slavery is like opium, the crack-cocaine and/or all media outlets controlled by the same one few... Slavery is devil teachings of terrestial beings and his imbalanced state of mind... Slavery is "holy" that must be "taught" in order to be... Slavery is mind-control that lacks self-control... Slavery is the incompetant slave teachings of an "educated" fool with no common sense... Slavery is "jesus" (in any form) to mind... These viruses...what else does "HE" offer, other than a false face thus decieving words to further power the mind with? The HIS own and only known "culture"... And HIS fuel...dumb ****** (ex-Gods), and stupid ******* (ex-Goddesses)... Kevin D. Ervin 2008 c.