Black Poetry : This very major and great And like cherry flavor cake Folks take this to their plate this is the sublime beauty of rap after a kiss got a fine cutie I


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May 11, 2006
This very major and great
And like cherry flavor cake
Folks take this to their plate
this is the sublime beauty of rap
after a kiss got a fine cutie in my lap
reminisce my duty is to trap
her, go to the store return my sweater
feeling soar concern about the weather
gave a girl a flower in the club
tried using the power of love
to get a date
and then some wet cake
girl I got purpose and stats
and like a circus acrobat
like to swing on ropes
and my bling is dope
will follow and reach you by phone
“NAW PLAYER don't even try my home
I think you want my pie alone”
“girl you wet and true
I try to get next to you boo
I'm convinced you have pies and lace
and the immense size of my place
girl you could be you
and put on a see through
gown and walk around
and we talk and sit down
on the couch and be astound”
“SO BOO my flow is that of a VIP
girl let me show you my TV
on my birthday I itch for candles
but now time for me to switch channels
“oh its exciting but
the lightning struck
her skin and lips so brown
and her hips so round
boys slip around town
try talk to her she smash
the Tennis ball machine fast
hard to dream pass this
an extreme task after a kiss
we on the Sofa and he wanted some
even what seems to be a dream
could be extreme in bed some scream
because your lips are red cake
and they cause a headache
so lets go to bed and take
a break for cake try create
Roam around stands
like hometown fans
hurl cheers
and girls appears
with all type of purses
some look like nurses
the glamour prevails
while he hammer nails
and chase all stats
with baseball bats
and girl your lace is phat
go ahead let me taste that
NAW PLAYER her skirt is down
and she don't flirt around
but there's THOT dirt in town
but she's not it jest hot a bit
a boy's plot is to kiss and git
her in bed
her in bed she have to fight this
a good night kiss could lead to brisk
sex and next an affair will start
its too high a price
she try be nice
but boys want pie and spice
and really a lie will vice
grip her eardrum
he grab her waist she fear some
boy may get laid
while her panties wet and played
end up a hot romance
and not a chance
to escape
oh yes its cake
a great many friends
know a plenty men
that'll bang the bedsprings
use slang and said things
just thinking make her head ring
her luck be
like a cup of tea
boys wanna sip her lips
and grip her hips
skin smooth a bold kisser
hips round
and can grip a town
with booty and beauty
these words are very groovy
and heard on a scary movie
so these correct quotes
seem to affect folks
not from the west coast
but try have the best posts
and I try test most
of them when I rap to a chick
then jump in my Chevy quick
and I keep a heavy stick


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