Black People : This Too Shall Pass.

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    What are some of the signs that our world or system is coming to a definite end or halt? According to Christian Evangelists the signs are all around us. Even many of us here at Destee have shared our opinions about what is going down and we also see it as the sign of an end.

    There are many signs that most people use to prove their case. Mine would be the loss in value for the US dollar. For others it might be the changes in weather patterns, the hundreds and thousands of people that die from floodings, earthquakes and tsunamis- situations we hear about that we don't blink our eyes twice at. Even if these things were not happening as often as they are now a few years ago.

    In some older religions in Asia, signs of the end include seeing an outburst of same sex lovers. Their Elders suggest this is a sign that (God) nature wants to slow down production on Human offspring. This sign is also matched with weird weather patterns that also help to stop sperm production in the male and cause mood patterns with the females. The more crazy they become the less likely they are to find a Man to mate with them.

    Two movies that I can recall played around with the idea of "nature" having the ability to take out Mankind or at least control them biologically. "The Happening" was one, and "Children of Men" was another. In Children of Men- Women collectively stopped reproducing children all together. In The Happening- nature itself was causing people to self destruct- kill themselves.
    This is also part of many prophecies of the end times around the world, that people even young people would become very self-destructive and suicidal.

    And while we may sit and rejoice in the fact that we might have a Black Man finally on his way to the presidency, did we know millions of people in America and around the world see that act as a sign as well?

    We should only wonder what those groups in America who see the rise of a Black President as a sign of the end are willing to do? Are they willing to withdraw all their money from banks and other institutions only to move elsewhere? Or will they make America more of a hell for the faces that represent this End-Time President?

    On the flip-side, an Old McCain is a sign of an end for many of us too. Because then it will be said that the Racism in America has not changed. The world will also see it as a sign that we still live in the same ol' America. And perhaps Millions of Blacks will loose hope behind a broken heart.

    Too be totally honest, my greatest Hero is African people all over the world as one complete Deity of power. I truly believe we can make anything happen that we want to happen and no power can be formed against us unless we truly believe that power is more superior that ourselves.

    With that being said, all these signs might very well have to do with us. We are the ones changing. In one aspect we are fed up and we want this system to die, in another aspect we want to rearrange the system to meet our demands.

    What we should consider is how will we survive our own powers, as they flow around populating with nature and collective consciousness- producing all the variables we see around us?


    It's hard to predict when America will fall flat on it's face, or even if many of you very powerful minds will allow it. But we do know that many of our people have fallen flat on their faces already.

    I understand the PanAfrican idealism totally about moving back to Africa, and many of us are willing to take that course if things get worse. Yet I know many of us have also argued that the "entire" world system is crumbling. So ask yourself, where would you rather be if this happened? Let's not treat lightly our dedication to home, employment and family. Would you move away from America and leave your family and friends to suffer? Perhaps not. But you must also realize that you are at a level of awareness your friends and family have not acquired yet, so that disparity may be an issue in case of an emergency.

    All of us that live in major metropolis are having issues already.
    Let's remember that African people live all over the world not just in Africa, and if there is a place that feels comfortable to you outside of America then this is the place you should go.

    There is London, there is Toronto Canada, there is Brazil, there are many options if we are wiling to looking into them. And yes the biggest assumption is that we would only be jumping out of the pot and into the fire. But let us remind ourselves that there are millions of Americans that have left for such regions- since before all the madness began and are doing just fine.

    I understand that "die hard" Black Americans will never ever leave this place, and that is fine also because millions of us have died for America- and if it is our place to die here then we should do so on the backs of our Ancestors- proudly. Then we must face a grim reality, that we are children of this crumbling system, and as it fights to survive we must fight along with it, thus- when it crumbles we will crumble with it. Which might be fitting since we wouldn't be able to survive without the system that birthed us.

    Those of us in this category should become motivated to network and organize more with others who are within our same frame of mind. The more organized you are with others the better your chances of survival, the pooling of resources and skills will be to your benefit. So this means that if you are willing to stay within America, your best place of residence is to be as close as possible to those that you network most "efficiently and effectively" with within a crisis situation.

    It is far too easy to create chaos within America's large cities. If NYC for example were to be closed off, there wouldn't be enough resources for New Yorkers to survive a week. But every city in America has it's vulnerabilities. Only those who know how to pool together their resources will be able to last longer than others.

    Of course it might be difficult to envision such difficulties hitting America, but millions are already envisioning it. The fact is the oil crisis, the mortgage crisis and even the coming food crisis can be survived if we tried planning for our survival.

    Those who are not willing to fight must become willing to die, and those who are not willing to command must become willing to obey. If you are preparing for things to get better, even that will not be easy- it will take dedicated energy from all of us- and unfortunately all of us are not willing to participate in the continuation of our collective suffering.

    Stock up on your gold and silver and have at least 3-6 months of food and water supplies. Whichever way the pendulum swings, this too shall pass.