Black Poetry : this stuff strong and crazy, it move heavy weightsAnd make them very straight, and cause merry datesWith chicks but have to inflate my tricks pair o


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May 11, 2006
She was so not gonna do this but after a true kiss stuff
happen he huff and puff while rapping and jest got her
tongue wanted breasts and some, what a girl to do? Pulled
down my dress he still wanna mess around with my breasts
the CD sound impress her dang oh gosh I'm getting brainwashed
and panties are wet and a car is a threat to them while in the backseat
listening and kissing to a whack beat, well I'm hot and shell-shocked and
I fell not in love jest horny a lot, this new comer have some cucumber for
my garden and it starting to get hard don't trust my luck I must duck ,my
panties damp tonight boys try reach my campsite have to revamp my writes
I be fine and boys wanna reach my treelined you see my mind may have YOGI BEAR
in it, my pie has a soft crust we got off the bus in the center of town not a lot of winter
around no snow on the ground, this flow well and wanted hotel this morning used wet
perfume gonna get a room its a threat to assume he won't hit the skins my friends

this stuff strong and crazy, it move heavy weights
And make them very straight, and cause merry dates
With chicks but have to inflate my tricks pair of skates
Would help me reach my goal and teach them cold haters
Not to step to this, its a demanding task when on elevators
he’s planning to blast and go all the way up like FAT JOE
Use tutors for facts computers more compact the stats flow
He shower convinced that he has more power and strength
And can throw words like baseball and erase all the sense-
Less whackness, see a girl her plot is to flirt and that's hot
Work stop a jerk in his tracks, “LOOK BOO on the spot
Slaughter the stink grab water to drink with ice
My facts act like backpacks weigh folks down
With quotes found ways to communicate sound
The horn rhymers are climbers of phat verse
That thirst for sprite have to rehearse
Tonight this plain situation is like a train
Station need tickets to ride and remain
On the railroad track, well anyway got plenty
To say, the cost was raw when the boss saw many
Kiss his daughter put in a brisk orders for marriage
Papers,no doubt an army is out of harmony and savage
Without ammo, so boo concern today can’t turn away
From Affection learned something about protection so hey
It's a condom, have a charge account no choice had
To dismount from a horse with blazing saddles mad
Amazing and rattled like Cleavon Little eating beans
take a shower then roam and flirt, after I'm done with
homework, take a complex look at textbook then a swift
path to math right here in class that I can't steer pass
“OK PLAYER I may as well cheer up because I have sincere butt
and fear my luck may run out,when at the bar fun multiplied
but your car just died
this guy best use strategy
to buy a new battery
we can talk all night long
but I'm not gonna walk home
that will be a corrupt joke
your plan is up in smoke
jest on the beach and sprung
boys go to parties lots of hood funk
drink Hennessy get a good drunk
but I ran doe
before the wine began to flow
she had a friend and life get corrupt
after some advice she set her up
with a boy and he had a plan, luck
on his side she got stuck in his ride
oh he jest kissed her lips had pride
the flavor jest splashed, that was a major
bash for her, she couldn't go and her pager
beep, oh he jest got her tongue right there
she couldn't go anywhere and now I'm aware
boys know love talk to speak and arouse
I be on cell phones sneak out the house
end up on streets that's mickey mouse
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May 11, 2006
hit the skins my friends, this is Black Hip Hop
in Virginia Beach, she's a Brown Soul Sista when
it comes to boys its cake they enjoys and they make
noise on bed springs make girls head ring with love
talk, so you want mad cake and knowledge after I graduate
from college a mind is a terrible thing to waste wear bling and
want lace but don't taste the hardship, at the bar he wanted pie
and rum and that's a far cry from gin and juice now he begin to
unloose my dress impress how my breasts be poking, he's sprung
no doubt I poked my tongue out and said nope oh he had hope
to get some, we went to the hotel club its a dumb profession to
come into possession of wild love while the club party on, one boy
wanted to slow dance oh no to much romance in that, well do you
have a boyfriend yes. Oh wow for my panties to proceed sweet and
wet I'm gonna need all the sleep I can get

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