Black Poetry : This stuff hot and pure but not sure thisIs the right stuff, flow galore go kissGo shore and reminisce like ships onCrack he’s in all type of shock


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May 11, 2006
this stuff hot and pure but not sure this
Is the right stuff, flow galore go kiss
Go shore and reminisce like ships on
Crack he’s in all type of shock at home
And like a clock gains a minute a day
So let him go up in it and play
This is a demonstration for the brain
like information difficult to obtain
The results may stain a picture frame
But the scripture remains so what is your name?
Lucy May a southern girl’s name and I’m juicy
Today but you try note details and hope for doozy
females, LOOK BOO a club could be a heavy stick
And I got a CHEVY and its quick a big car with a slick
Cigar makes him flick his bic and light the sky
And tonight pie spread in the bed can’t be shy
“NAW PLAYER my panties are hot flames and
Boys plot games to get some, see local brothers
Social with others but you want butters
On toast and utters the most about sex
Our mind the same its time to aim complex
At the sky use brave strength in our wavelength
This is Black Hip Hop in Virginia Beach rent
Is high
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This is Black Hip Hop in Virginia Beach rent
Plenty work feast is a habit mini-skirt is a piece
Of fabric used to strut butt and twerk it don’t cease
Doing a little here and there clear and aware boys
so you got your your cap turned back that you enjoys
My raps concern the whack and toys with minds
These pantie flames are confusions she came
To conclusions love settle in my heart can blame
The system for lame wisdom see an affair on
Display but not prepared to pay for a strong
Headache my lips are red cake that’s not wrong
One time she was wit this boy it's hard to pay
Attention and stay at a convention so hey
they left but heed instructions this boy need
Production without interruption a special breed
Oh he kissed her lips and wanted some plead
With her bear in mind they still at the convention
her red miniskirt make a boy’s head hurt not to mention
Horny, when having sex always use tissue
But all the Loving may confuse the issue
Got papers on my desk and vapors in my breasts
She was wit this boy he wanted to kiss her pie at best
And mystify the rest like oceans in motion making her
Gravy wavy in potions she’s a Black Soul Sista prefer


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