Black Poetry : This stuff all renown And like a small town There’s a mall around In the suburbs true and clever Using verbs or whatever And put words together With e

ready to prevail after the petty details on finding a date it's blinding my fate probably paid too much for these glasses still in such for classes on how to rap to a VIRGINIA BEACH CHICK, my luck great and wild but have to update my style, see a girl a real piece of work for certain she's not gonna cease on the flirt so boo let him git wit you and suck a tit or two, oh no tit for tat gonna have to work to git that well girl can he hold your hand yall can roll in the van to the club or barroom this is not a cartoon nothing MICKEY MOUSE about this no doubt a kiss can speed things up, so look boo we can travel fly to the bar while we babble in the car, NAW PLAYER her dress is down she don't mess around her breast prevail but one boy lifted her dress tail and tried to insert his thing oh his plan was strong she pulled up her panties and ran home oh he almost got some oh she was sweaty and he was ready she lucky to escape that and her cake was phat too all he had to do was stick it in girls know about quick men, oh gosh she was so hot down there


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