Black Poetry : This Storm

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    somewhere ova da rainbow....
    Dear Father,

    The storm is rough

    The tides have washed the

    Shore as my soul bleeds

    And tears run as the pain

    Runs through my veins

    Yet I am standing my ground

    Yet I feel like I am drowning


    The waves crash against my face

    As I hold on to your fence

    Feeling like I lost it all

    Everything is in turmoil

    Deliver me Jesus deliver me

    I can’t see but I know you are there

    Holding your hand out

    Waiting for me

    …To get

    ………..Get to the other side

    I am coming!

    I am stronger than I think I am

    Just don’t know how to make it

    As this storm tries to take me in

    And wash me to open sea

    Lord I need you now

    I need a healing for my soul


    I know a man who sits high and looks down low

    Sometimes you have to stop and think….

    Look where God have brought you from!

    I know at times you don’t want to go on

    Feel like the world have just swallowed you

    And you are just alone in all your trails

    And no one cares….

    Fear not…you are never alone

    Do you know we are given a second chance to get

    Things right…each morning we are blessed to

    Wake up

    No matter what yesterday holds

    A new day is always joy…

    Think on it…..God thought enough of you

    Loved you so much to give you another chance

    Chance after chance to get it right

    What a blessing all by its self!

    Aint it?
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    yes it is
    and unto u forth art his love he so behold
    as thou messanger for in the stilt waters
    tides of rough times and when it seem dim
    da sail ahead seem to be going down
    he guide me with the support to toss out
    da life ring just reach out
    and it will be his hand u hold , stay strong and believe