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Apr 10, 2001
Hamlet,NC (The Middle of Nowhere)
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I've been looking for love in all the wrong faces,
Or places not usually seen unclothed,
I should have been finding my soul a vacation,
From its now unhappy home,
Don't give me no lip,
About life's great trip,
(Sit back, relax, enjoy the ride)
I've tried,
To abide what life has supplied,
All the ups and downs,
My discomfort resounds,
Like a thousand explosions ,
Of silence,
Strangely, I've put most reliance,
In a love for people and things
That hurt most,
Struggling blindly to give up the ghost
Of a will that's been fractured, crippled,
Frustration, a ripple effect
To the depths of my soul,
Somebody, anybody, everybody
Please! Help me rediscover the needed strength
To get myself back whole
I'd just like to say hello to everyone here (This isn't my first post, but I changed my name from DigginThaShyne to The Tarheel Poet....not because I'm no longer diggin the shyne, cause I'm very much in awe of the Shyne still :) , but I had to represent NC)

I hope you all enjoy....and if not, that's cool too :)


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