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Sep 10, 2001
Kansas City, Missouri
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We spent each moment in meaningful dialogue, sharing our deepest thougts and wishing what dreams were made of. We touched in indiscrimanate moments with nothing sexual just affection, but you always stated your true objective.
But, my life was one made chaste by heartbreak, you said you understood.
But, when your lil head started talking you said it was no good. You mood started to alter, your mind started to change and then before I knew it our Love thang was rearranged....you went as foul as a three day old chicken, and nothing about you was finger licken, lying then stealing and reneging, all the time you was gigging, Well gigolo, it's back to the streets you must go.
Three months I gaze into the screen, writing and feeling everything, nothing but work, worship and prayer, hardly another person is allowed to be there
I don't trust the way that I used to, loving from a far is better it seems, you can love better when you keep it in dreams...No disappointed dates that you never got to go on. No missed flowers, cause you didn't expect them. That surgery last month, it was just you and the maid and mother. But, that's the way it rolls on the love Rollercoaster. So sad , to bad another sister turned....The next brother I try will have to have the straight up JESUS IN HIS EYE...NO more fake it , til you make it. No more unfinished people stilll trying to find themselves at 40 and 45. I would rather go backwards and experieince a brother just glad to be alive than a old *** brother with weak *** game , content living a lie. No credit, phone in you momma's name, on job number five this year...No, no my dear! I did what I was supposed to to prepare myself for a mate and if you ain't ready when you get here, then by golly I will WAIT!
Thanks for reading and responding...mostly for understanding!

Was going through another mistaken identity...a fake one slid under the radar but I remain faithful, there are good men out there...Now if we could just be in the same city at the same time with the same state of mind! You feel me?
Holla anybody who has had a ride on the Love rollecoaster...Would love to hear your thoughts or your observations.

Love MsLB
Blessings On Ya House!


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